The premium tea which praises the Greek land

The premium tea which praises the Greek land

A series of premium herbal tea and beverages, Anassa Organics, selects the best quality Greek organic products with fine flavor and aromas. The products are presented in packages with extremely creative and modern branding, which transform the preparation of herbal aromatic drinks into a personal ritual.

They are luscious organic herbs with many beneficial properties, rich in flavonoids, whole flowers, no caffeine and additional artificial perfumes that honor the Greek land, which with the unique in the world greek climate glorifies the earth with exquisite flavors and aromas that stand. That is due to their high content of essential oils thanks to the climate and soil composition.



Anassa Organics was created by an idea from an internal need of Yanna Mattheou and Aphrodite Florou for independence and personal expression that led them to leave behind their successful careers to pursue their dream.

Yanna Mattheou worked for about 20 years in financial companies, bank affiliates, marketing and sales, without feeling happy and with the need to create something of hers that will satisfy her did not leave her mind. Aphrodite Florou has had a similar life with a record of more than 22 years in large and well-known service companies, with great experience in marketing and sales and the same need for a search that would express her talent and creativity.




The company was born with the equity of its founders, while the company’s designation of one of the winners of the Greek Entrepreneurship Prize in 2014 worked as a catalyst for access to funding and growth. Finding raw material in the early stages was done through expert collaboration and research into producers and the quality of their products.

“Anassa” means queen in ancient Greek and for the two entrepreneurs who received the Greek Topwomen Awards 2019, “Anassa” is the Greek land, a unique case and it is absolutely appropriate for this title. She is the queen who has and produces treasures, on which the idea of Anassa Organics was based.



When the two women started, the situation in the country was not positive, and abroad there were negative comments about anything Greek. Thus, the two partners decided to overthrow the bad reputation with something entirely Greek, which would enchant with its aroma and quality, which would transfer the supremacy of Greek land all over the world.

They have traveled and are still traveling all over Greece to find Greek growers with small and family-friendly production units, distinguished by modern methods of organic farming, place of production and respect for the environment, land and products. Their mentality suggests that it is important to boost small businesses, give them the impetus and motivation to grow, improve and develop their methods. They created and still create personal relationships with producers, care for their cultivations, and they give their best to the product they deliver.



Anassa Organics teamed up with a team of University Professors to ensure the quality of its products at all stages, from proper cultivation on Greek land to the most demanding consumer’s cup. They researched about which Greek herbs are the most important, in which regions they thrive, how they should be grown, collected and packaged to maintain their aroma, taste and beneficial properties in their entirety. And yet, which combinations are the most suitable for different actions and in what proportions (herbal blends). The results of the scientific study were utilized so that the end result makes a difference.

The reason why organic farming has been chosen is to offer excellent Greek herbs in their top quality, without pesticides, without chemical fertilizers, from restful soils that offer effortless and unalloyed aromas, flavors and valuable properties. The rich sunshine and soil composition add even more to a quality product free of chemicals and which has been produced with environmentally friendly methods, while according to research, organic foods have a higher concentration of antioxidant polyphenols and organic acids, which are valuable for human health. The aromatic plants and herbs proposed by Anassa were selected based on the Hippocratic concept of the overall harmony of the organism.



The collection of aromatic plants is done by hand so that nothing of their valuable ingredients is lost. They are dried in the most appropriate conditions so their color remains almost as lively as when fresh. With the ideal way of collecting, drying and packaging, essential oils are naturally rich in aroma. The effort to keep whole leaves and fruits completes high quality and makes it distinct to everyone.

The philosophy behind Anassa Organics is that the enjoyment of a drink is an incitement for a break from the intense routine, so as to make the drink enjoyable and to make it a ritual. Preparation involves participation in the process, as the consumer comes in contact with the aromatic herbs, sees their colors, enjoys their aroma, selects leaves and fruits with care and makes the drink that will benefit his body and soul.



When the two partners realized that most fans of their drinks had difficulty transferring and using the equipment (teapot and strainer) outside the house, such as the workplace, they wanted to offer a solution that would make them easy to prepare, without losing the magic ritual.

Thus, the idea was born to include a complete manufacturing system with special biodegradable filters and wooden cup holders in the cans that ideally protect herbs and keep them unchanged. By placing the amount of dose that goes into the bag, the consumer simply secures it with the special stick on the lips of the cup and starts the serving ritual. In this way, for the first time in Greece, the tradition of unaltered taste is “married” in a pioneering and modern way of serving.



The products were certified for their organic origin and their controlled packaging by TÜV HELLAS, a partner organic certification company ( TÜV NORD GROUP). Anassa operates in accordance with the international quality assurance standards ISO 22000: 2005 (TÜV HELLAS / TÜV NORD GROUP), which ensures the product packaging process and food safety. The raw materials are all accompanied by the relevant organic cultivation certificates. Finally, all packing materials (filters, support sticks, sachets and forms) are certified to be suitable for use in food.

In the package, monster creatures originating from Greek mythology are designed which surpassed the normal limits, were supernatural, excessive, unusual. Anassa’s labels were approached lightly, gracefully, and only the extraordinary features that symbolize the herb’s qualities were captured. “Hybrids”, ie the creatures that have emerged from the union of two or more creatures, symbolize herb mixtures and their multiple properties. This work won the Gold Award at the European Design Awards 2014.



Anassa Organics exports to Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Finland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Singapore and Norway with fanatical consumers from all over the world. Its future plans are to contribute to the establishment of Greek herbs on the international market, to extend its product sales network to new markets, to expand its range of products and to investigate in collaboration with scientific teams.


– European Design Awards 2014

– Great Taste Winner 2014:
Anassa Pure Defence
Anassa Pure Symmetry
Anassa Pure Happiness
Anassa Organic Mint

– Great Taste Winner 2015:
Pure Happiness
Organic Lemon Verbena

– Ambient Product of the year 2016 / Golden Fork Awards

– Great Taste Winner 2016:
Anassa Organic Lemon Verbena
Anassa Organic Mountain Tea
Anassa Pure Happiness
Anassa Pure Symmetry
Anassa Pure Youth
Anassa Pure Grace

– Great Taste Winner 2017:
Anassa Organic Mint
Anassa Pure Defence
Anassa Pure Peace

– Great Taste Winner 2018:
Anassa Organic Chamomile