The Greek hand-made aprons that travel all over the world

The Greek hand-made aprons that travel all over the world

The “2 Handmade Aprons” is a creative, productive unit in Trikala, Thessaly, which supplies hand-crafted work aprons to businesses all over the world. The aprons are suitable for all types of dining areas and for all professionals.

In May 2015, a group of young people from Trikala, who until then worked in the catering industry but had dreams and aspirations for innovation and extroversion, did a market survey and found out there was a market gap; the quality and economy apron was a product that was hard to find.



The lab was set up immediately and now the company designs and sews aprons from scratch, with each customer being a unique and distinct project for the “2 Handmade Aprons” team. At the online store of the site, there are about 70 codes, from which interested parties can choose. Nevertheless, what makes “2 Handmade Aprons” stand out is that everyone can create their apron to suit their aesthetics, meet their needs and of course, suit them financially.

The main object of the workshop is the handmade aprons of professional and household type, but new needs arise every day, resulting in the making of barista/bartender & chef jackets, leather knife cases, jewelry of semi-precious stones and mineral stones, which can be to be modified according to the customer’s taste, as well as bags, cloth bow-ties and armbands.



In collaboration with the client, the design, the materials and the styles to be used are decided and then the apron is ready to enter the workshop. The production time is relative since depending on the design and materials, it is defined accordingly. The last trend is the minimal and elegant aprons that are mainly intended for restaurant staff, while many are the ones who choose natural leather which is timeless.

Thanos Tabas, age 30 and one of the founders of “2 Handmade Aprons”, studied in Kavala while living and working in Trikala. His partner, Dimos Balafas, works as a bartender, while the third member of the team and co-founder is Eda Taba, creator of handmade jewelry. The team is also made up of professionals in the sewing industry, a fact that results in the company having no limits to its creativity, with “whatever you think, we can stitch it” tending to become its slogan, as Mr. Tambas comments.



Apart from Cyprus, where a branch of the “2 Handmade Aprons” operates continuously, Germany, due to the Greek residents, is the second “power”, like Austria. The aprons of the company have traveled to Finland, Sweden, Romania, Australia and to Vancouver, Canada.

The founders, for their future plans, point out that “These consist of small goals of preserving the quality of the unique and, above all, not forgetting the reason we started, everyone must be able to choose a piece from our collection (or to create one of their own) with whatever money they can afford.”



Their philosophy and mentality is that the history of mankind is full of both economic and socio-political crises, but people have not stopped to inspire, create and dream. So they think they just have to adapt and struggle for the better without losing their values and their humanity.