From the family cellar to New York’s business towers

From the family cellar to New York’s business towers

A family of stock farmers in a mountain village on the sierra of Pindos, a home cheese-dairy business set up at the their house cellar, a skilled grandfather with 40 years of experience and then a son following his father’s trade and two grandchildren studying the art of traditional creamery just after graduating high school. The missing part of the story is the delicious cheese that everybody likes and it sells by the dozens, motivating the family to establish Pindos Dairy at the city of Trikala in 1965. That same year, the rural cooperative factory Olympus Dairy was founded at the neighbouring town of Larissa.

That’s how future unfolded for the two younger Sarantis brothers, for the family cheese-dairy business and for Olympus Dairy. While their cheese-dairy business grew into Dairy Products Sarantis Brothers – TYRAS S.A. in 1985, Olympus Dairy was faced with accumulated loss and debt. The Sarantis brothers took the bold decision to buy out Olympus Dairy in 2000.

In the future, Olympus Dairy would spread its wings, maximizing its unique advantages, like the three-generation experience, the passion of Sarantis brothers and their love for the job and for the pure Greek nature surrounds, offering them the required supply to produce first quality milk. With a value system inflicting respect in tradition and with a series of productive methods in perfect balance with the natural environment, Olympus Dairy products are welcome to the majority of Greek households and own a special place in the heart of the consumers.

Deploying its operations in alignment with an integrated fresh milk administration system that addresses a set of strict requirements to the associate livestock farmers, such as the total microbial charge present in raw milk, the wellness of dairy cows and livestock’s exclusive nutrition with cereal-based fodder as well as the short distance location of the associate breeding farms, Olympus Dairy has proved to be an exemplary business model of human-oriented, ecological and Greek-focused corporate ethics. For more than a century, family members behind the wheel of Olympus Dairy have been raising the company’s growth rates and recently expanded the brand’s product range and international operations, sharing a vigorous desire for progress and the same loyalty and commitment to traditional values passed through generations.

Currently, Olympus Dairy markets a line of products ranging from fresh and microfiltered milk, cheese and yogurt to butter and fruit juices and also milk and yogurt dessert, organic and lactose-free milk products.


  • Produces biogas from anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • Build Integrated Recycling Centers Retributive
  • Provides packages for the visually impaired