The prime wine boutique of Peloponnese

The prime wine boutique of Peloponnese

Koroniotis Winery is a boutique winery that produces limited quantities of wine to please the demanding consumer. Kyriakos Koronotis, as owner and winemaker, creates wines aiming for character, formality and authentic style. They are wines characterized by depth, density, fruit and fragrance, well-structured and balanced. Koroniotis Winery maintains the title of a quality producer, which has been won by national and international wine competitions.

The Koroniotis Winery was founded and started operating in 1999. It is located in the northeastern Peloponnese, a few kilometers north of the city of Argos at the location of Panorama, just a stone’s throw from the archaeological site of Mycenae and the boundaries of the vineyard of Nemea.



It has two vineyards, one in Mycenae Argolida, 20 acres, with Assyrtiko variety from 2002 and one, 18 acres, in Panorama Argos, which includes the winery, with the variety Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. Particular attention is paid to the quality and good condition of the vineyards, whether owned by the Winery’s winegrowers or the contracted winegrowers of the areas of Nemea and Mantineia.

The microclimate of the Peloponnese is of fundamental importance for the creation of the fine wines of the winery, while most of the vineyards are located on slopes with poor soils and excellent drainage that ensure maximum quality. Maturing is a slow and gradual process because most vineyards are planted at high altitudes with a northeast exposure.



The winery focuses on creating the wines to achieve an authentic Greek style with depth of fruit concentration and flavors. The wines have impeccable balance and excellent structure. French and American oak barrels are used extensively for ripening.

Facilities include a cellar and a wine-tasting room which is open daily for guests. There are also guided tours of both the winery and the neighboring vineyard, presentations and wine tasting, with Kyriakos Koroniotis as the main speaker. Very often, tastings are organized in larger groups, combined with a Greek menu or simpler finger food. In both cases, the goal is to highlight the characteristics of each wine variety through a right combination of excellent Greek cuisine.



The owner, Kyriakos Koroniotis, was born in Argos in 1958 and studied in England and Holland Chemistry and Natural Sciences. As a young chemical engineer (MSC) from the University of Delft in the Netherlands, he worked in several laboratories in the country, gaining experience in agriculture, food and enology. He returned to Greece in 1990 and founded an Agro-Diagnostic Center where he did soil, wine and plant nourishment analyzes. At the same time, he created the two vineyards of the current Koroniotis Winery.

In 1999, he began to work towards his dream of making his own wines in a privately owned winery and a year later the winery in Panorama became a reality. Since 2000, it has been the place that Kyriakos Koroniotis’ expresses his creativity and love for wine. Still, in the experimental area of the vineyard, located in the wider area of the winery, he cultivates exclusively the amazing variety Malvasia di Candia Aromatica. His and the businesses’ motto is “The Big Wines are Born in the Vine”.



The varieties of the Koroniotis Winery are seven with the last one, Merlot, being a high-quality wine with a year of aging in a barrel and ready to make its entrance in 2019.

Moschofilero comes from Mantineia, with vineyards at 650 meters altitude in a unique ecosystem of the area surrounded by two large mountain ranges, characterized by summer rains and low temperatures. In this ecosystem, Moschofilero, the most classic Greek rosé variety, is particularly favored. Koroniotis Moschofilero comes from the vineyards of Partheni Arkadia. It is a fresh, light, crisp wine with a rich fruity taste and very good balance, with a pure aromatic potential, in which the rose and the lemon are prevalent and the color is pale green. It belongs to the varietal composition: Moschofilero 100% (dry white wine) with an alcoholic strength of 12% vol.



Nemea comes from the homonymous region, the most organized and largest wine-growing zone in Greece, Nemea, which offers a wide variety of terroir, which in itself is a real challenge for each wine-maker to express his own style. This exuberant and velvety wine has a deep ruby color, a variety of sophisticated aromas on a barrel spice background, is rich in mature tannins with a long aftertaste and considerable time stamina. It belongs to the varietal composition: Agiorgitiko 100% (dry red wine) with an alcoholic strength of 13,5% vol.

1300 BC comes from the private vineyard of the winery in Mycenae Argolida and is an Asyrtico of the Peloponnese that has proved to be a perfect variety in its cultivation environment. It exhibits amazing complexity with aromatic range, intensity and impressive body with greasy and balanced acidity. It has a light green color inside the glass, rich, fruity aroma of peach, lime, citrus and pear, light herbal aromas and soft metallicity that complete the taste. It is an authentic wine, dynamic, lively with exciting aromatic character and special long aftertaste. It has a varietal composition: Assyrtiko 100% (dry white wine) with an alcoholic strength of 13,5% vol.



Malvasia Aromatica comes from the vineyard of the winery in Panorama Argos and undoubtedly belongs to one of the white wine varieties that always impress alone or in blends, to which it gives intense aromatic character and its spark. Its acidity and dynamic aromatic character make it stand out from the rest of the clones of the internationally popular white Malvasia. It has a pale yellow color with light greenish shades inside the glass, rich, elastic aromas of white flowers, lemon, peach, lime and pear that impress, rose loucoumi, kiwi hints and a diffused metal feel that completes the freshness. The flavor is rich, full of body and refreshing acidity that makes it light, while subtle sweetness emphasizes the fruit, with the peach, lime and pear dominating and the long-lasting aftertaste leaving a lemon-like feel in the mouth. It has a varietal composition: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica 100% (dry white wine) with an alcoholic strength of 12,5% vol.

Argus Syrah comes from Oriani Aigialia and is the emerging Syrah “ARGUS”, the premium wine of Koroniotis Winery. Complex and very typical, always having the character of its variety in the foreground. It has impressive deep red with violet color, aromas of sweet and spicy spices, pepper and cinnamon, traces of caramel and black chocolate, perfectly framed by vanilla or coffee notes, which are perfectly incorporated into the flavors of the barrel (18 months maturing in new oak). It is thick in the mouth, rich with a long aftertaste, with its large alcohol (14.2% vol) perfectly balanced with the many mature tannins and the acidity it holds due to its mountainous origin. It is a mature and solid wine that immediately shows its character and strongly suggests its presence. It is exclusively one-variety to satisfy Syrah lovers, it has a varietal composition: Syrah 100% (red dry wine) and alcoholic strength: 14.2% vol.



Roz Reve belongs to the 100% Moschofilero variety, it has a pale, solid color with pink Provencal-style streaks, sweetly elegant jasmine aromas, of butter caramel and vanilla with the rose prevalent throughout the fragrant palette. Citrus and lemongrass flavors give a fresh and floral feeling, a rich, intense, velvety taste in the mouth and a very good balance. It has a long lasting aftertaste, where the aromatic fruity character remains.