The first choice for hygiene products

The first choice for hygiene products

MEGA SA is one of the largest production units of personal hygiene products in Europe. With popular brands such as EveryDay, Pom Pon, BabyCare, Babylino, Tipers, Wet Hankies, MEGA, Sani, who hold leading positions in the Greek market and presence on 4 continents, the award-winning MEGA has left its own distinctive mark on the industry of personal hygiene having built a very special relationship of trust with the modern consumer.

As distinct as its proposal for personal hygiene, it offers a complete range of products, designed to meet the needs of personal care of all ages, with the utmost principle of maximum care to the skin. Its products aim to help with women’s hygiene, baby-child care, adult care and the care of the whole family.

Since its establishment in 1981, it has created a comprehensive range of branded products that combine excellent quality and unique skin-friendly properties. Its tools are state-of-the-art technology, product differentiation, innovation in production techniques, consumer research focus and leading marketing methods. Today, the company holds a leading position in the overall category of personal hygiene products in Greece.

Dynamic in Greek business since its beginning, it made its appearance to the public as a cotton swab company (Tipers). The 1990-2000 period was a milestone for the company as it multiplied the dynamics of its factory through a comprehensive investment program that involved the radical renewal of its mechanical equipment. At the same time, within 10 years, it expanded its range of products, while at the same time began to dynamically export them.

Based on its continuous investment plan, which exceeds € 68 million in 2010-2017 and includes investments in state-of-the-art technology and quality control systems, the company puts its development and innovation as its top priority. Moreover, with a turnover of just 22 million euros in 2000, it managed to exceed 167 million euros in 2017 and today it is one of the ten largest suppliers of Greek retail, reaching 195 million euros turnover.

Meanwhile, MEGA, during 2010-2018, showed a staff increase of 98%. In addition, it has further expanded its exports by expanding its operations to 4 continents. Nowadays, the baby diapers category has taken its place in the 60 most important Greek exported products in Greece, thanks mainly to MEGA’s export efforts, while it is extremely important for its open orientation to consolidate long-term strategic contract manufacturing contracts.

In all its activities, MEGA operates with absolute respect. Respect for the needs of the consumer, the employees, and the environment in which they live and work.

By translating this principle into action, the company has launched a series of actions aiming at sustainable development, while at the same time it has created a Total Quality System that ensures excellent quality and strict adherence to raw material and finished product specifications. The Total Quality System is based on internal as well as external audits at internationally recognized laboratories abroad.


Evidence and reward of the principles and choices of the company are the certifications and awards it has received both for the products and for the company itself, for excellent quality, unique hygienic protection properties, as well as excellent levels of growth and financial stability.

Moreover, investing in research and technology never stops, as the company listens to the public’s needs and immediately tends to them by acquiring the most modern technological structure to offer the right products for it. By constantly investing in ultra-modern mechanical equipment, sophisticated quality control systems and experienced human resources, it incorporates the most modern technology and valuable technical expertise in its class.

MEGA is a strategic partner for retailing in Greece and abroad, for its suppliers and partners, because it always looks for the best proposal, excellent quality, innovative design, the most skin-friendly material, the innovation that will allow it to offer even better products, adapted to the changing needs of consumers.

Therefore, it has the trust of Greek and foreign merchandisers, both for its branded products and for the production of private label products. In addition, the company has been engaged in the production of branded products of multinational giant companies in the field of contract manufacturing – often with extremely high design requirements (biodegradable, products with excellent skin-friendly properties, 100% Cotton, etc.).

MEGA has been producing products of high standards for 37 years, based on a product quality control and certification system consisting of the Internal QA System (Continuous Evolution, Fully Automated and Computerized) and the External System – External Laboratories (collaboration with approved laboratories and official product certification bodies of the industry).

The QA System of MEGA SA includes a universal control system, capable of monitoring product development at all levels of production, as well as full control of the machinery and production units. MEGA works with approved laboratories and official organizations for the certification of personal hygiene products such as EDANA-INDA (Belgium – USA), where all raw materials are tested according to the approved methods of the two international organizations, and SGS Courtray (France) and HY- TEC Hygiene Technologies (Germany) where tests are carried out to measure and prove the effectiveness of MEGA products as additional proof of the validity of key product characteristics. In all laboratories, dermatological tests are carried out to certify that MEGA products are safe for use by consumers.

Respect, responsibility and integrity are inherent in all its collaborations, suppliers, customers, society and the environment.

Believing in the capabilities of the country, MEGA is the only Greek company to produce an integrated portfolio of branded personal hygiene products in its category.

It is opposed to the conditions of the times and continuous business practices of production in countries with more favorable taxation and lower labor costs and chooses to constantly invest in its own country. With the vision of a strong Greece, it fully believes in the capabilities of the country and its people consistently and continuously, preserving triptych, production, headquarters and property in Greece.

It produces its products in privately-owned facilities of 63,000 sqm in Attica, investing in Greece and actively supporting the Greek production and economy. MEGA, a company that drives the developments and broadens the horizons in the industry, is constantly listening to the needs of the society and takes care of Greece.

Moreover, the “moral business”, which accompanies the name of the company, includes, among other things, the combination of healthy entrepreneurship and social responsibility. With a sense of responsibility towards society, it implements a targeted Corporate Responsibility program consistently and systematically based on four pillars, the market, workers, society and the environment.



The company also actively participates in efforts to prevent health and contributes in particular to supporting children in need by donating more than 1 million products to institutions and charities. In addition, at the heart of its sustainable development strategy lies the commitment to produce its products with as little impact as possible to the environment. It is no coincidence that it is constantly awarded for its actions, proving its social sensitivity.

With a vehicle of excellence, respect, accountability and integrity, MEGA focuses on organic growth and Greek innovation, translating consumer preference into investment and new jobs. With strong leadership and faith in the country, its main priority is to return to the Greek society the love and care it has received for 37 years.