Greek lyrics song inspired clothes

Greek lyrics song inspired clothes

A new Greek company has started making its first steps towards success by designing a line of trendy t-shirts with designs of its own creation for both women and men. “sTeehos is inspired by Greek songs, it reads the music, listens to the lyrics and draws Teeshirts for all those who love the Greek song,” as it says on the site and the online store.



The smart designs and lyrics are characterized by vibrant colors, simple lines and are based on humor with puns, while the t-shirts are monochrome, black, gray or raspberry.

The Greek Lyrics Song Tshirts came as the fruit of the meeting of two creative people, architect Stamatis Leontios and graphic artist Nikos Mainaris. The first “does not plan. He gets his ideas and tells the others “, as it’s written on theBach website, although he started as a Civil Engineering Technician at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, he obtained his Diploma from the Department of Architecture of the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi and continued in the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program for the Management of Monuments, Κ.Α.



Nikos is behind the design creations printed at the Urban Graphique Store Koukoutsi’s Tshirts, he has a Graphic Design Bachelor, a Masters in Design (fine arts concept), finished the School of Textile & Design at Reutlingen University in Germany. Part of the team are the graphic designer, Michalis Delavinia, who is also invloved with singing and acting, and the actor, Yannis Hortis, who has finished a drama school and management and appears in the brand’s campaign.



The songs and lyrics for the shirts are selected through a constant brainstorming process regarding whether the verse can be illustrated, while a key element in the illustration of a verse is that it can function independently of the song. Thus, those verses which can, when removed from their musical and interpretive environment, are chosen to create a different sense or even a different meaning.

With this process, the creators feel that stereotypical attitudes about quality and non-quality song are overturned. With a mocking mood against this mindset, they try to show that in a good song the funniest phrase can be contained and with a “not-so-good” song, the greatest truth of life can be found.