The yogurt of longevity

The yogurt of longevity

The Longevity Diet Foods is a newly established biotechnology company which develops, a completely new generation of 100% natural ingredients with bio-functional properties and benefits to human health. These properties are in foods enriched with bioactive compounds, for which there is sufficient scientific evidence that they can perform a particular function within the body.

This business started just a few months ago, but has successfully succeeded in presenting two innovative products in the dairy market, YoguDiet 2% and Omega 3 (Ω3) Cheese Dip.

The first one, which is also the flagship of the company, is a strained yogurt made of cow’s milk, high in protein with 2% fat, 100% natural with milk of the day and infused via natural procedures with grape extract, rich in polyphenols, which gives it 6.5 times more antioxidant effect from any other yogurt on the market.

Omega 3 (Ω3) Cheese Dip is spreadable Feta P.D.O. mixed with Greek Yogurt and Olives flavor. High Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Vision / Goals

Longevity Diet Foods focuses on maintaining superior quality in its products from raw material production to consumption, as well as establishing a reliable brand. The company’s vision is to bridge the gap between healthy eating and conventional medicine by offering products of great taste and at an affordable price. The company, albeit neophyte, exports. During the first year of operation, the goal is to penetrate 2-3 foreign markets that will double on an annual basis.

Important Dates

• September 2015: Idea conception and launching a Research & Development process for the development of products

• August 2016: YoguDiet 2% awarded as the Best Yogurt 2016 at the Global Dairy Congress held in London.

• December 2016: Introduction of YoguDiet 2% to the Greek market.

• March 2017: Introduction of the Omega 3 (Ω3) Cheese Dip to the Greek market.

• June 2017: Introduction of YoguMix to the Greek market

• June 2017: Start of export cooperation with distribution company in Cyprus.

Honors /Awards

• YoguDiet 2% won the “Best Yogurt” Global Innovation Award in the international competition World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016, which was held in London.

• Distinction within the framework of the 11th “INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT” Multi-conference held in Thessaloniki in November 2016, under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism and Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction.

• “Best Innovative Product” Award at Papastratos Start-Up / Scale-Up Greece Awards 2017

• YoguDiet 2% excelled in the quality and taste with the award of superior taste from the world’s largest tasting contest (2017) based on Brussels