The newest Greek trend in New York

The newest Greek trend in New York

The idea of the Greek sparkling wine Blink Zibibbo belongs to Paul Argyropoulos, wine expert and wine-maker, who decided to fulfill his dream in 2005, by creating his company, Blink Wines. His experience in famous vineyards and wineries -specialized in sparkling wines – in France and Italy, urged him to start thinking to create a Greek sparkling wine with a cool and thick taste, affordable for the global consumer.Given the fact that the Greek consumers had little interest in this type of wine, he decided to create a product that would originally adress to the international wine industry.

Along with his two daughters, Fani and Chloe, he created Blink Wines, and chose extremely talented partners.

Starting from scratch, and investing from day one to innovative products of high quality, Blink Wines plays a key role in making the Greek wines -and mostly, Greek sparkling wines- famous not only in Greece, but also abroad.

Its production focuses on sparkling wine made from Greek grape variety, and 60% of that production is being exported abroad, with the USA being the No.1 client.

The production of Blink Sparkling Wine – “Moschato Alexandrias” (Muscat from Alexandria) is actualized with the refermentation of grapes of the aromatic variety “Moschato Alexandrias”, grown in selected vineyards in the island of Limnos.

Today it has become a trend in more than 55 spots in Manhattan and the broader area of New York, and at the same time it is increasingly gaining the interest of other big industries in the world.


Blink Wines is a dynamic player in the new era of Greek sparkling wine, taking advantage of the modern technology, and producing unique wines, caracterized for their quality and vision. Wines that enrich the wine culture in the Greek industry, and meet the quality requirements of the international wine industry.


2005: Blink Wines is being created

2007: Blink Sparkling Wine is out on the Greek market

2011: Blink wins gold Pentaward at the Worldwide Packaging Design Awards Competition and third place at the Dieline Awards

2012: Blink is being distributed in the state of New York

2013: “One of this summer’s top sparkling wines”, writes the famous “Wine & Spirits Magazine”


Wine & Spirits Magazine/ Score: 90, August 2013

Pentawards 2011: Gold Desing Pentaward

Dieline awards 2011: Third place


– An Egyptian businessman had started producing sparkling wine in Limnos, about 80 years ago, but he was forced to stop because of the war.

– In 2005, only 3 greek companies produced sparkling wine. There are now more than 15, but the number is sure to increase.

– Zibibbo means Muscat (grape) in Arabic.

– Muscat was considered as a luxurious wine and used to be exported in Bordeaux…