Quality in your plate

Quality in your plate

Th.Nitsiakos is an industry based in Ioannina with more than 40 years experience in avian sector and is among the largest and most successful food industries of the country. It is established in the minds of consumers and professionals as the leading producer industry of chicken products and now is being further developed and operating both in Greece and abroad with more products such as rabbit and turkey, feed materials and pet foods, hatching eggs and chicks, flour for human consumption and biomass as fuel.

Theodoros Nitsiakos, from Aetomilitsa in Ioannina, was born on 25 March 1944. He studied at the School of Agriculture in Thessaloniki and he did a further training on BirdLife in the Netherlands. In 1972, Nitsiakos decided to create a small reproduction unit of patrimonial hens near Ioannina. In order to obtain the required funds to open the unit and because the Agrotiki Bank did not secure him all the necessary financing, he addressed to his parents for help who sold their sheep in order to support his effort.

Since then, he made constant progress expanding the production capacity of the business and gradually creating a vertically integrated manufacturing system of chicken products that covers the breeding, hatching, growth promotion, manufacturing of bird food, slaughter and processing and distribution network throughout Greece. The industry taking advantage of its infrastructure in Epirus and Macedonia, has been very active in the market of hatching eggs and chicks, in the marketing of feed materials and in the production of feedingstuffs for all farm animals.

In the last decade, the industry Nitsiakos has implemented an ambitious investment plan that ensured continuation of its growth on its main activities and further allowed its entry into the market of dry food for pets, creating for the first time in Greece generating circuit for products of fresh cuts of turkey and rabbit, the production of flour for bread and industry and the import and marketing of a new economic and friendly to the environment biomass-type from the husk of sunflower.

The industry has adopted strict procedures and systematic checks in order to ensure safe and high quality products to its consumers. The proper and the rational development as well as the health of animals are the foundations of the productive operation of the company and therefore particular emphasis is given on biosafety, carefully cleaning and disinfection and on veterinary monitoring. Scientific staff such as veterinarians, agronomists and biologists work having as  main priority functions related to health and welfare of the animals, preparing carefully designed and balanced feed and producing safe and tasty products. The Nitsiakos operates a certified self-monitoring system in respect of the standard ISO: 22000.

Today, Nitsiakos industry is the largest producer of chicken meat in Greece, one of the major firms trading grain and soybean meal and among the 10 largest food industries in the country based on its turnover.


– Nitsiakos chickens are certified by Agrocert for using 100% vegetable diet with vitamins and minerals.

– Nitsiakos has created two fully equipped labs for self-control. A microbiological (the first private lab certified by ESYD) where specimens from breeding chambers, pet foods and different stages of meat processes are analyzed, and a chemical lab where the first materials and the pet foods are checked if they match the criteria set by the company. These checks are more than 800 per week and the number is multiple times higher than the one the European legislation suggests.

– The company developed a group of cooperating producers that breed systematically turkeys the whole year so as for the first time in the Greek market, fresh turkey pieces of Greek breeding are for sale. At the same time, a new rabbit breeding facility opened in Doliana, Ioannina having 2,200 female rabbits, which can produce 110,000 rabbits per year.