iPhone Application

Welcome to the iPhone app of the first online community for all Greeks, from all around the world. A meeting place to get to know each other, mingle and network with brilliant people of Greek origins. For the first time, here is a network for all Greeks who have conquered the world with their personality, hard work, creativity and unique ideas. Greeks who are thriving everywhere, all around the globe and have abolished all barriers by doing so. Greeks who have created ANOTHER GREECE, who go against the flow and showcase creativity and positive thinking. The ellines.com network eliminates distances, creates new bonds and unites all Greeks. A new, digital “country” of worldwide successful Greeks has just been created.
iPhone app ellines.com has the following features:
▪    Language selection (Greek or English)
▪    Main screen with automatic slideshow that displays 10 Famous Greeks 
(on refresh 10 different famous Greeks are loaded)
▪    Categories “Famous Greeks”, “Top Stories”, “Members” and “About”
▪    Search functionality for the categories “Famous Greeks” and “Top Stories”
▪    Share content via email, Facebook, Twitter
▪    Mulitpurpose sidebar (share, search, change text size)
▪    Social networking features featured in the website ellines.com
⁃    View user profile
⁃    View friends’ profiles
⁃    Send and receive friend requests
⁃    Send and receive messages among registered users
⁃    Edit user profile
⁃    Edit user account settings
⁃    Send invites
⁃    Search members
⁃    Send status updates
▪    iPhone 4 retina display graphics

Visit the website ellines.com, download the iPhone app from the App Store.
App Store link (US): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ellines.com/id463745644?l=el&ls=1&mt=8