The first capital of modern Greece

The first capital of modern Greece

Nafplio is the capital of Argolida Prefecture and the main port of east Peloponnese. It is one of the most picturesque cities of the country, and has been the capital of the Greek state in the years 1828 – 1833. Today, Nafplio Municipality is measured to 33.260 inhabitants. According to the Greek mythology, on the location of the modern city, Nafplios founded Nafplia, which was embattled by the cyclopean walls. Archaeological findings prove the existence of the city already from the Mycenaean times. It is located at the sheerwater of the Argolic Gulf at 145 kms distance from Athens.

Tour of Arvanitia starts after the end of the long beach of Nafplio and ends in the Arvanitia square. The route, which is about one kilometer, is thefavorite promenade of locals and visitors and offers spectacular views of the rocks of Acronafplia, the Venetian church Santa Maria della Grotta, and the entire Gulf of Argolis. The tour ends on top of a 200 meters long beach with crystal clear waters. The path continues also after the square and ends after in about 3 km at the beach of Karathona.


– Bourtzi, which means tower, became the hallmark of the city of Nafplio. Initially there was a Byzantine church dedicated to St. Theodore. The Venetians built at the same point in 1473 a tower-fortress
– Palamidi is another hallmark of Nafplion. Especially during nighttime that is illuminated, it offers a spectacular image. It is built at a height of 216 meters and was completed in just 3 years.
– Other important sites of Nafplio are the first Greek gymnasium, built in 1833, and the first Greek hospital, which has been nicely renovated.