The little Paradise of the Cyclades 

The little Paradise of the Cyclades 

If you try to find on the map of the Aegean Koufonissi or Koufonisia – since there are two, the And (Upper) and the Kato (Lower), you will not find them with great ease, some people say that they are two small paradises hidden almost below Naxos. Some others say that Koufonisi is not a destination for everyone or better yet it is a destination for a few, for those who love their connection to nature and the blue exotic waters.  



Getting off the ship and traveled about 5 hours with the fast ship or otherwise  8 hours with the slow, you are faced with an untold beauty. It is not only the Cycladic architecture with the white houses and the blue windows that will put you in the climate of the Aegean, it is an exotic beauty that will fascinate you and make you to extend your accommodation from 4 days to at least 7 .

Koufonisia consists of two islets, Ano and Kato Koufonisi. They belong to the complex of the Small Eastern Cyclades, are separated from each other by a narrow strait 200 m wide. Geographically, they are found at 3 nm. southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. They belong to the homonymous community, which includes in addition to the two Koufonisias and the island of Keros, as well as several smaller islets around the main islands. Keros, which is inextricably linked to their name, is a small uninhabited island, 15.2, but which hosts important findings of Cycladic culture. 

Ano Koufonisi is the only inhabited with about 400 permanent residents, while Kato Koufonisi has only one tavern and is suitable for a day trip with. Costas Prasinos was the one who decided with his boat to start transporting tourists from Ano to Kato, and make people to explore the beauty of Kato Koufonisi. Among  with him and the Venetsanou family, has built the tavern in Kato Koufonisi in 1992. There you can taste the goat of Keros, delicious cooked and fresh fish that come with the boat every morning. 



Staying in Koufonisia makes you wonder if you are on an exotic island or on a small island in the Aegean. It is commonly said that anyone who comes to this place once is accustomed to returning again and again. Some are enchanted by the blue and turquoise waters, others admire the wild beauty of its rocks, many are crazy about the fresh fish and the melodies that the violin plays at every festival (panigiri) on the island .. But everyone agrees on something, that if you come to Koufonisi the warmth of its people and its energy will fill your heart. 



The beaches are not organized and the way to get around the island is by bike where you can rent and ride. 

 A hidden and wild beach that is worth visiting is Gala or Tripiti. It is a sea cave with turquoise waters, located under the rocks. To reach Gala, you will descend to Pori and from there you will follow the small path on your right hand side. Between Pori and Italy there is another famous attraction of the island called the “Eye of the Devil“. It’s not very easy to find but it is definitely worth a visit. 


The eye of the Devil


Between the paradise beaches of the island, there is a natural pool that has been created from the rocks and has clear blue waters. It is about 15 minutes from the Chora of the Island. The legend says that it was made by Poseidon to give it as a gift to the Nereids so that they can have fun. 

Finikas beach is also worth a visit – it is not organized with sunbeds or umbrellas – but you will find a small restaurant just above it. It is a wonderful beach and is about 20 minutes walk from Koufonisi Town and Ammos beach. 



Apart from the summer which is the ideal time to visit Koufonissi, Easter is a special time for the people of Koufonissi. The locals organize a big celebration of St. George the patron saint of the island, starting with the procession of the image of the Saint and then with horns from the boats and boats to follow the procession, the image passes from hand to hand from all the small and large boats. Later they set up a party with violins and lutes that lasts until morning. 



The options in entertainment are few for someone who imagines a cosmopolitan island, in fact we could say that they are more “quality”. The island is a given that will “give” you all its flavors generously, the fish come directly from the boats, the vegetables from the orchards and the meat from the small farms of Koufonissi. 

In the evenings many choose a walk in the narrow streets of the island but also along the port, nearby are Sorokos and Mylos. 



If you finally choose Koufonissi, you will not travel to it. It will travel you, in crystal clear blue-green waters, in colors and aromas, in flavors and joys that take you back to the years of innocence. When you were swimming for hours in the sea, when you were turning red from the sun without thinking the sunscreen, when you were  building  towers in the sand and you felt the absolute bliss with an ice cream cone and an evening bath, trying to touch the path of the moon in the rough sea. And now you know,  you understand how much you have lost for so many years that you haven’t  met Ano Koufonisi..