9 ideal autumn destinations

9 ideal autumn destinations

A country unique and famous due to its natural beauty, its wonderful landscapes and the genuine hospitality of its people, Greece, promises visitors countless travel surprises for every season of the year.

And while the Greek summer has been engraved in every Mediterranean soul as the ultimate experience and the most beloved time of the year, autumn and winter give Greece a different charm and attraction that few parts of the world manage to do.

Villages nestled in the embrace of imposing mountains, traditional settlements in the shade of snow-capped peaks, wonders of nature of unparalleled beauty and mindset different from the one of the cities promise to steal a piece from the heart of every traveler.

Discover an autumn, unique side of our country from 9 Greek destinations which creates beautiful emotions and fill the mind with unforgettable images and moments.

1. Monemvasia, Peloponnese

It is sculpted in the rock like a sculpture. Monemvasia, the “Gibraltar of the East” or the “nautical boat” of the great Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos, born there, invites for a direct embarkation for a trip in time. Wander to this uniquely preserved medieval settlement in the Peloponnese with its vaulted streets, churches and mansions. See the dream beaches and enjoy the modern comforts, tastes and wine. It has been wanted by many, knights, pirates, crusaders and emperors, and so will every visitor who has chosen to spend a few days visiting it.

2. Kalamata, Messinia

The magnificent Taygetos rises above the “mother” of olives and olive oil, the sea shimmering shining at Kalamata’s feet, its endless beach, its rhythm carries away even the most demanding traveler with its modern cafes, beach bars, restaurants, luxury hotels, shops, historical buildings, harbor and a lively nightlife. It is said that everything there is a spirited experience, because the Messinian she-ruler, born in such a blessed place as the Peloponnese, knows of good life.

3. Edessa, Macedonia

In the city that gives its energy naturally and spontaneously, the waterfalls, these small “wonders” of Edessaios river, have the power to enchant, while the steps lead to the Outdoor Water Museum, the only one in Greece, with the great “water” secrets. These gave life to the textiles, mills, the Edessa industry. A glorious past reviving in a walk in Varosi, houses of Macedonian architecture, Byzantine churches. The city of Edessa, however, also entertains in the Falls at Kataraktakia and satisfies with local delicious flavors in Flamouria.

4. Nafplio, Peloponnese

Ceramic roofs, gray stone, turquoise sea, the famous Bourtzi, Acronafplia, Palamidi are just a few of the beauties of the city. Castles and neoclassical buildings, old neighborhoods, pedestrian streets and large squares. The Naples of the East of the Venetians, the first official capital of Greece, overflows with life, preserves the legends of the past and drives into its mysterious atmosphere, is a city that you will never want to leave from.

5. Pelion, Thessaly

On the one hand Pagasitikos gulf, on the other the Aegean, in the middle a magical mountain, Pelion. Fountains, sunbeams through the trees foliage, plane trees, apple trees, chestnut trees, oak trees, beeches, gardens, hydrangeas, camellias. In this fertile soil of Thessaly nature is makes art. In the autumn, orange and red colors of an unreal palette spread generously, while one can relax by walking down the paths, old churches, beaches with lush green waters.

6. Alexandroupoli, Thrace

The largest harbor of Thrace welcomes you with its lighthouse, the first European city you come across when you arrive in Greece. Between Asia, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, a transit trade center, nothing is reminiscent of the picturesque fishing village of the 19th century. Now the streets are wide, the town is perfect, the beach full of taverns, restaurants, bars and luxury hotels, making Alexandroupoli a holiday destination that can satisfy every possible need. Just outside of the city, some other birds of the avifauna enjoy the unique ecosystem of the river Evros.

7. Plastira Lake, Thessaly

A small miracle of man and nature, the impressive dam at Kakavakia “gave birth to Lake Plastira”, which impressively surrounds the Aragones mountain peaks. Cycling in or around the lake, kayaking, mountain sports, horseback riding and 4X4, Plastira Lake offers exploration, adrenaline, but also a calming atmosphere, depending on what the visitor wants. Genuine local flavors, slice, ginger, talafouti, honey and spoon sweets, and local wines, wonderful stone guesthouses overlooking the lake, old monasteries, historic villages. Neochori, Kryoneri, Morfovouni, Kastania, Lambero, Mesenikola, Kalyvia Pezoulas are ideal places for hiking and walking, while one can see on their way the Tavropos Dam, passing through the Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti and the Korona Monastery and get supplies that will make them taste their autumn days on the lake.

8. Karystos, Evia

The irresistible combination of mountain and sea, its contiguity to Attica and its cosmopolitan character make Karystos an ideal destination. This picturesque town, endowed with nature and history, offers a variety of holiday options. The coastline has innumerable beaches, alternating from the calm sandy beaches to the wild rocky bays. If history and legends are added, then one can be sure that staying there will be one of the most enjoyable and interesting visits ever.

9. Zagorochoria, Epirus

Τowering mountains, verdant slopes and impressive ravines, a place of wild, imposing bridges, elegant stoneworks, monasteries built on the rock, villages – sights, known as Zagorohoria. An authentic and charming location. One discovers the place by walking on the Vikos Gorge, facing the Astrakas’ “towers”, listening to the Voidomatis, admiring the alpine Drakolimni of Tymphi. Walking in the mist in Papigo, visiting old monasteries and churches or enjoying the warmth and luxury of the stone guesthouses. Zagori is an invaluable treasure.


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