Powerful message of extraversion & optimism at the Conference «One Region, one Planet»
Conference 2013

Powerful message of extraversion & optimism at the Conference «One Region, one Planet»

The Conference entitled «One Region, one Planet» was successfully completed on Saturday, October 19, 2013, at Costa Navarino in Messinia. The Conference was co-organized by ellines.com and the Region of Peloponnese and it was the largest Conference that has ever taken place in the Region. More than 2,500 prominent businessmen, representatives of institutions, of the political leadership of the country and the media attended the Conference.

Top Peloponnesians, who excel across the planet, returned to their hometown to convey their global expertise and propose solutions that combined with local infrastructure, could emerge as drivers of development and extraversion of the Region of Peloponnese.

The message of the Prime Minister

The government and the Prime Minister were represented by the Minister for Development & Competitiveness.

Mr. Costis Hadjidakis, who carried the message of the Prime Minister Mr. Antonis Samaras: «Our dream and ambition is to unleash the creativity of the Greeks here, back home! Greece has no boundaries. Greece means that you have to set the bar higher and surpass your limits. That is something we have learned well from the Greeks of “Diaspora” and it is for us a source of pride, confidence and inspiration».

Coordinator of the Conference was Mr. Nickos Hatzinikolaou Publisher – Director at Realnews, who, in his opening speech stated: «we must finally put an end to the divorce that Greeks have taken with the state. We should finally replace the mentality of Elladismos with the values of Hellenism».

Mr. Gregory Stephanopoulos, Professor of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts (MIT), USA mentioned in his speech the role of academic institutions as engines of economic growth. As he stressed out «we are in the time when we can make computers out of sand. Greece can stand on her feet and play an important role on the world map. Greece should use the universities and research institutes as a driver for economic growth».

The President of the Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health (U.S.A.), Mrs. Artemis P. Simopoulou MD spoke about the special significance of the traditional Greek diet and the scientific evidence. In the context of her speech she mentioned the need for the establishment of research centers for food in Greece, stressing out that the lack of statistical data on the eating habits of people do not facilitate the formation of good policy in Health and Nutrition.

Obviously moved  during his speech was Mr. Kostas Makris, President and CEO of Makris Group (Australia), who spoke to his compatriots about the Real Estate Market, Tourism and the perspectives that exist in these areas.

Mrs. Chara Nikolakopoulou, Postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London (U.K.) referred to Greece and young Greeks and to the ways in which lost trust can be regained.

Mr. Periklis Papadopoulos, Director and Professor of the Center of Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University in California – Center NASA’s Ames Researcher (USA), “carried the audience in space”, presenting “Lamdasat”, the first satellite built exclusively by Greeks which in subsequent months will be ready for launch from Canaveral Cape. He also referred to the growth opportunities in the area of aerospace in Greece.

«Greeks from all over the world can create their own image of their country and Peloponnese already leads in this effort with her extroversion», stated Mr. Petros Tatoulis, Head of the Region of Peloponnese, expressing his great satisfaction for the image presented at the Congress and the undiminished interest of the participants.

Mr. Chris Barlas, founder of ellines.com, the First Online Country in the World, stressed out that ellines.com will support, present and continue to create the necessary conditions and framework for such initiatives.

Entrepreneurship and Development in the Region of Peloponnese were the main subjects of the speeches of Mrs. Iro Tsimpris, Representative of the Development Agencies in Peloponnese, Director of Achaia Development SA., and Mr. George Tsimpidis, Winemaker & President of the Exporters in the Regional Unity of Laconia.

The Conference is co-funded under the local approach program LEADER, Axis 4 of the RDP 2007-2013, Measure 42Ia «Inter-territorial Cooperation” entitled: «Nisos Peloponnisos» by the European Union (EAFRD) and the Greek State. Conference Supporters were FAGE and the Athenian Brewery. Transportation Sponsor was VOLVO Car Hellas. Media Partners were Realnews, Real.gr and enikos.gr. Last but not least, Communicaton Sponsors were STAR TV and the publishing company DIRECTION.