Prime Minister greetings to the Conference
Conference 2013

Prime Minister greetings to the Conference

Accept my congratulations and warmest wishes for the conference One Region, One Planet, organized by and the Region of Peloponnese.

No matter what, Greeks have been permeating the world for centuries. The further their work and achievements go, the closest their Soul shelters to their own Ithaca; since the times of Homeric Ulysses to date, the era of the Internet.

Greece has always been this way during good and bad times. In glorious and hard moments: a dot on the map, a source of inspiration for its children, a wound of return to the homeland for its immigrants, an ever burning light, an endless voyage. Today’s Internet shortens distances, yet the desire for returning to the homeland remains the same.

Panhellenes from all over the world come together. In their own way, they become one under difficult circumstances, attracting the entire globe in one place. They inspire us during difficult times. While Greeks prosper and do miracles all around the globe, they shouldn’t get wasted away on their own land.

We dream and hope to unlock Greeks’ creativity here, in our homeland!

Greece knows no boundaries.

Greece means to set the bar higher and exceed your limits. That’s the best lesson we have learned from the Greeks of Diaspora and for that reason they represent a source of pride, confidence and inspiration to us.

Welcome to Pylos!

The Prime Minister

A. Samaras