The Grammy-winning cardiologist

The Grammy-winning cardiologist

Mike Vasilomanolakis is a cardiologist and music producer of artist Omar Akram. He gained wide popularity after winning the Grammy Award in the category New Age Album of the Year for producing Omar Akram’s Echoes of Love.

The Greek American physician with origins in Chania of Crete lives in Los Angeles, California. His parents migrated to the United States to ensure a better future for their family. He currently practices cardiology and received a Grammy Award at the Staples Center in 2012 thanks to his love for music.

Vasilomanolakis studied Medicine at the University of Illinois and majored in Cardiology.

He’s a member of several Greek American unions and the Hellenic-American Medical Society.

In 1996, one of his friends motivated Vasilomanolakis to invest in a young and talented musician. Indeed, he was impressed by Akram’s music and consented to finance his first album production, released two years later.

Listen below the award-winning album