The Spartan player of San Francisco Giants

The Spartan player of San Francisco Giants

George Kontos is a professional baseball player with San Francisco Giants. His nickname is The Spartan thanks to his descent from Sparta of Lakonia.

Kontos was born on June 12th, 1985 and was raised by a traditional Greek family of Chicago. His parents’ origins are in Sparta. After the release of the feature film 300, his nickname was set in and also printed on his baseball gloves. Since high school, George demonstrated his talent in baseball, being also named Player of the Year of Illinois in 2003. He’s also skilled in golf and basketball.

Kontos made his major league debut with New York Yankees in 2011 before being traded to the Giants for the 2012 season to eventually win the 2012 World Series with the team.

Prior to playing professionally, he played college baseball at Northwestern University with the Northwestern Wildcats team. New York Yankees picked him in 2006 to later play with different Yankees teams, like Staten Island Yankees and Tampa Yankees.

He’s fond of good food and has a strong liking for his mother’s Greek recipes. “We are Greeks and my mother is an excellent cook. Her recipes for lentil and bean soups are my favourite and I also like roasted chicken with potatoes, stuffed vegetables and pasticcio!”