Research on the transformation of bad fat into good fat

Research on the transformation of bad fat into good fat

The transformation mechanism of bad white fat cells into good brown fat cells in a living organism was recently discovered by a group of scientists joined by a Greek biologist at the Federal Institute of Technology–ETH in Zurich.

Aliki Perdikari together with her fellow scientists at the laboratory of Professor Christian Wolfrum at the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health ETH Zurich recently published the results of their experiments in Nature Cell Biology, proving the transformation of fat cells.

So far, the method is tested on mice. However, the team estimates that it is highly probable that a similar mechanism of automatic transformation of fat cells can be also triggered in the human body, especially under low temperature environmental conditions. Next target of the scientific team is to monitor the cell transformation using medication or proper nutrition or any other therapy to fight obesity.

Aliki Perdikari studied at the Faculty of Biology, School of Science, in the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens and continued her post-graduate studies in ETH Zurich, where she is currently a PhD student.