Designing a better world

Designing a better world

She is from Australian homogeny and she is among the best designers in the world. We are talking about Kontouris Helen, who lives and creates in Melbourne. She will soon take part in the contest Brit Insurance Designs of the Year which will be held in London and intends to highlight the best creation in 2010.

As the newspaper «New World» says, Helen has the design in her blood. “From very young I was saying to my parents that I wanted to become an interior designer. I never changed my mind, never deviated from that dream. Since I was a little girl I saw every interior space like it is a canvas and I let my imagination play with colors, shapes and perspectives”. As expected, her star did not only shine in Australia but across Europe as well, cause her creations garnish the global market.

Creations by Helen Kontouri have been hosted in more than 100 magazines worldwide, including many Greek, and only flattering words are posted. She has exhibited her work in countries such as Italy, America, Spain, Germany, England and many other countries in the world, earning the admiration of experts.

Spanish “Celda”, German “Ritzenhoff”, Italian “Kundalini”, the multinational “Schiavello” are some of these companies which are contracted to promote the designer’s creations in the global market.