From Paris to Greece, with love

From Paris to Greece, with love

Born in Athens on 17th of  July in 1940. Her parents were the Manufacturer Theodoros Karellas and Elli Halikiopoulos. Marina Karella studied at the School of Fine Arts. She was a student of G. Tsarouchis and the great painter Oscar Kokoschka, she continued her studies in Paris, Ecole des beaux-arts, and in Salzburg, Faculty Kokoschka.

She began her career in 1966 when she presented her first painting exhibition in the Festival of Two Worlds in Italy. Her projects were presented in the Galleria Levi in Milan, for first time in 1971. In the 1970s she exhibited in Gallery Iolas the White Boards, which are now considered as the most famous pieces of her work. Later on she worked on charting folds in plaster, marble and metal, carrying a popular theme from painting to sculpture. In 1980s, during her days in New York, her paintings characterized as more «dark», while her recent work is about portraits and images inspired by nature.

During her successful career, Marina Karella has exhibited in various cities around the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Brussels, Rome and London. Her work is hosted in major museums and institutions.
She got married Prince Michael of Greece on 7th of February in 1965, in Athens, and had two children.
She is president of the association for abused children «Eliza» and lives permanently in Paris.