With his ingenuity as a “spearhead”

With his ingenuity as a “spearhead”

The capital of Austria began to acquire Greek touch through the architect’s Kostas Fizoglou “canvas”, who is the headmaster of the renovation and extension project of all buildings at the airport in Vienna.

Mr Fizoglou who lives and works in Vienna, began the renovation of old buildings in downtown, school facilities housing rehabilitation hospital, hotels and residential complex environmentally prototype with low energy needs.

His architectural action spreads all over Austria, Slovakia, (with a chain of shopping center and residential buildings to be major projects), Hungary (a pioneering conference center and hotel complex) and Croatia (a hotel complex and office buildings with parking spaces).

His path started from the birth place, Drama, from where he left at the age of 18 years to study architecture in the Austrian capital. And while nostalgia awaked at the back of his head, urged him to return to Greece, the professional proposals he accepted were the key to new horizons for his professional career. So, he decided to settle down in Vienna and due to this more and more projects came into his office, and the highlight-just right after finishing his studies and his thesis – was the project concerning the expansion the Vienna’s airport .

Since the beginning of the 90 most of buildings of the Vienna airport was designed by him. From 1991 to 1998 he was the architect in charge and director of architecture for all the buildings around the airport (parking, offices, waiting rooms, baggage center, restaurants, shops, buildings, security, etc.).

This project was the reason to meet his wife from Croatia, she is an architect too. In 1992 after the birth of his son Menelaus, Mr. Fizoglou leaves behind day by day the idea of returning to Greece and becomes an Austrian citizen, but retaining the Greek citizenship as well.

His «action» is multifaceted and not limited to architectural design and project implementation. The acute effect that distinguishes him led him to «take» over the presidency of the newly formed Federation of Greek Communities of Austria. He believes that it is essential for the functioning of the Federation to ensure financial and operational needs.