Following a revolutionary method against retinoblastoma

Following a revolutionary method against retinoblastoma

Doris Hadjistilianou is a Greek doctor and head of the Unit of Ophthalmic Oncology at Santa Maria alle Scotte Clinic in Siena. She follows a revolutionary therapeutic method against retinoblastoma, the most common of ophthalmologic pediatric tumors. She’s also an expert in eye oncology, pediatric ophthalmology and orbital tumors.

The method that Dr Hadjistilianou follows neutralizes tumors before reaching the brain via the optic nerves. The clinical testing of the pioneering selective ophthalmic artery chemotherapy started at the Santa Maria alle Scotte Clinic in Sienna in 2008, aiming at ignoring eye enucleation, avoiding the negative consequences and complications and improving the patients’ life quality.

Doris Hadjistilianou was born and raised in Athens. After graduating high school, she relocated to Sienna to study ophthalmology and later continued her studies at the United States. She has worked with major hospitals, like Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in San Diego and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

She’s a regular collaborator of Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital in Athens, Curie Hospital in Paris, Jules Gonin Eye Hospital in Lausanne and Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.

Dr Doris Hadjistilianou is married to molecular biologist Nico Mastrangelo and they have a son.