Video visualization of fetal development from conception to birth

Video visualization of fetal development from conception to birth

Alexander Tsiaras is a technologist, author, journalist and businessman. He’s also head of scientific visualization at the Medicine School of Yale University. Supported by new technologies, Tsiaras developed a powerful medical visualization software following the human growth from conception to birth.

Using a computer generated imaging, he monitored the growth of fetal cells, the forming and development of the cardiac chamber, full growth and eventual birth.

His journalistic career started in 1972. He has received several awards, like the World Press Award. His articles have been published in Time, New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, LIFE and London Sunday Times Magazine.

At the age of 19, Tsiaras returned to his parents’ village, where he spent a year working with his family’s herding goats at the Greek Albanian frontier and authored his first book Death Rituals of Rural Greece.

Later, he attended Philips Academy and Amherst College and delved into programming with the financial support of scholarships he had received from Yale University and Brown University.

While working with Yale University, he received a major funding from NASA to write algorithms for virtual surgery during space flights.

His latest works, Conception to Birth and TheVisualIMD Diet and Wellenss Program have been also published in iBook format. Alexander Tsiaras is also the founder, CEO and editor in chief of