The first female Iron Chef in the world

The first female Iron Chef in the world

Her name is Cat Cora (or if you prefer the Greek one Katerina Karagiozi ) and she is  the 42 year old famous Greek-American chef  married to a woman , she has four children and she was asked to lead the chefs in the  First Kitchen  in the U.S..  With her culinary skill  she had impressed the Greek Prime Minister and the 350 guests at the  reception  cited  at the White House.

The menu for the Prime Minister and the members of the Greek delegation

Cat Cora accepted  with pleasure the invitation of the White House through the father Alex Karloutsou from the Greek Orthodox Archbishop  of America. She created her own menu, inspired – by what else ? – Naturally from homeland. Indeed, the buffet included Lenten dishes for diners who observed the traditional customs of Lent.
Delicious lamb chops with a sauce that combines the taste of feta and Latin American tsimitsouri, ntolmas with egg lemon and  black truffle, traditional Greek pastries, and a prominent place in the buffet was … The famous gyros, but made with a secret recipe! Healthy  bread, fresh lettuce and tuna «Tatakis (recipe Far East) which is the basis of former ancestral dish, as the  chef Cora likes to combine flavors from around the world, creating new recipes fusion. Indeed it is no coincidence that the kitchen Hellasian, that combines  Greek and Asian cuisine has her own signature

Gay mother of four boys
In her  personal life  Cora surprises. She is official gay and married to her partner Jennifer, who  took the surname Cora . They are living  together  for years in Santa Barbara, California with their sons Zoran and Kache. In March 2009, Cora found out   that both women  were  pregnant again and they would bring to  the world almost simultaneously two boys. According to her  official statement all four sons were born using the same sperm donor. Moreover, Cora and her wife  were intermediated mothers, since the one carried  the surrogate embryos of the other. Jennifer gave birth to Julius Thatcher last April, while Cat , gave birth to Nas Lemiouel in July 2009

Raised with a Greek flair

The Chef Cora grew up in a small Greek community in Jackson city in the state of Mississippi. In her 15 she had  discovered her  culinary talent and puts target to open her own restaurant. With  a dowry to the Greek tradition and boundless enthusiasm for creating  she mixes flavors and tastes that smell … Greece. Goat milk cheese perfectly blended with spices of the American South.
Olives and homemade recipes from her grandparents’ island   Skopelos. Family culinary secrets were destined to pave the way for a brilliant career in cooking.
Very soon she  moved to New York where her dream began to take shape. This was followed by trips to Europe, studying, collaboration and professional repeated successes.
Award winning Chef Cora became more widely known in 2005 as the first and only female winner of the competition «Iron Chef» Food Network in the U.S.. Since then, she is  constant among the elite of chefs and  she is also a writer  doing  charity, business entrepreneur and consultant for large corporations. Despite these successes, the famous Greek American never forgets her  roots. Having repeatedly visited the island of her father, Skopelos, always stresses her  origin and does not omit to mention the beneficial properties of Greek cuisine.