The biologist who is investigating the Pontian Genocide

The biologist who is investigating the Pontian Genocide

Born in 1931 in Constance, Almopia, in the prefecture of Pella, he meet through his parents” descriptions, Greeks of Pontos, the ferocity of persecution from their ancestral homes. These images, marked him, thus, to decide to denounce actively the genocide of the Pontians, in the United States, where he went for postgraduate studies in 1956 after graduating from the Veterinary Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The horizons that opened for Dr.Vassilis Theodoridis after the postgraduate studies and the doctorate he received in biology and biochemistry from Boston University, led to the discovery of a series of antiparasitic drugs, including albendazole and the first wide spectrum antiparasitic drug, which is still used today in the treatment of parasitic diseases, such as Echinococcus, taenia, tapeworms saginata, Fasciola hepatica etc.

The large workload, did not allowed him for decades to take part in the commons of the Greek community and particularly with the promotion of the recognition of genocide of Greeks of Pontos.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Anastasia, and they have three daughters. Thanks to continuous efforts in 2006 they built a monument, the only U.S., dedicated to remembrance of Genocide of Pontian Hellenism at the Greek Orthodox Church of Holy Wisdom. He served the Pontian Greeks of the Diaspora in America for two years from the post of Secretary of the Pan-Pontian Federation of USA and Canada and has served for many years, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Pontian Society «Akritai» of Greater Philadelphia.

He argues that everything he makes, he owes them to his mother, and to the 353,000 victims of the genocide of Pontian Greeks, the second largest of the 20th century and continues: «The Greeks of America, can contribute to multiple international recognition of Genocide of Greeks. We have the manpower and know the procedures need to be followed. This important case has been progressed in recent years, which deserves further promotion and support by the Greek state.


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    Είμαι περήφανη για τον άνθρωπο και επιστήμονα VJ THEODORIDES ,αλλά πάνω απ όλα ΈΛΛΗΝΑ που τίμησε με όλες τις δυνάμεις του την Ποντιακή Γενοκτονία! Συγχαρητήρια!!!!

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