The lawyer of great athletes in Greece and Europe

The lawyer of great athletes in Greece and Europe

In his CV, the command of dozens of cases of major athletes in the courtroom is recorded. As a lawyer, he always puts the bar higher while as an academic he defends the value of specialization in a particular area of sports law.

Gregory Ioannidis, a lawyer and lecturer in Sports Law at the University of Buckingham before he becomes forty years old, he was voted by the prestigious British magazine «Sports Business International» as one of the top 20 lawyers in the world, specializing in Sports Law.

«It is an important recognition because it is a prestigious journal. It is important that there are still many important names in the same directory as Mark Gay (IAAF lawyer in the case of Kenteris, Thanou),» he told to the Athens News Agency.

Having PHD on the criminalization of doping and the applying sanctions in doping offences, Gregory Ioannidis, who lives and works permanently in Britain, was at the eye of the cyclone, a few years ago, when he was asked to handle the case of the Greek Olympians; Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou. A case that, he finally managed to «close» after successful negotiations with the IAAF.

At his 19, he went to Britain to study law. He completed his studies in Manchester and then in business administration at Southampton. Sports Law and his interest on this was «discovered» later in the context of graduate studies and then sought to further refine his knowledge in this subject, with a PHD.

Moreover, he is an advocate of specialization, considering that in general, «there is a need for more specialization, not only in the field of sports law, but in any representation on any issue, whether it is sports or a criminal.»

He  briefly returned  to Greece in order to make the practice of exercise – he  is a member of the Lawyers Association of Thessaloniki, but eventually  because of the opportunities and and also the considerable potential for research offered in England, made him decide to go back and «set up» there his life.

Apart from the Olympians Kenteris and Thanou, Gregory Ioannidis, has represented famous athletes, as the soccer player Rio Ferdinand.


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