Travels in 2006 across the globe, seeking for Greeks

Travels in 2006 across the globe, seeking for Greeks

Child of Greek immigrants, he was born and spent his childhood in Holland. He spent his adolescence in New Orestiada, the northern Greek city, wedged between Turkey and Bulgaria. At the age of 19 he moved to Thessaloniki where he completed his studies in journalism. He had collaborated with the major newspapers and radio stations of the city and in 1998 he decided to continue his studies. He attended the schools of journalism in Utrecht, Holland and Aarhus in Denmark and got his master’s degree from the University of Cardiff, Wales Great Britain.

In 2000, he tried to succeed in Athens. He worked with major newspapers, magazines and internet portal, joined the Union of Athens Daily Newspaper Journalists (IFJ), International Federation of Journalists. He taught in public schools of journalism, wrote a book – a survey on the circulation of newspapers and in 2006, believing that the fullness of time had come, he decided to make his big dream come true.

Throughout this period, until 2006, he made many trips to more than twenty countries.
Dimitris could not resist the challenge of a dream, which is also a secret wish of most people – to go around the world. At 35, he decided to do this.
As he notes with a large dose of humor in his personal site,, he did not find anyone to follow him, but this was not an obstacle. He started on his own.

– He could not afford it, but he took the first step in the hope that it would be half the battle. That at least he tried. Moreover, the world belongs to those who dream and most importantly, we should not be poor in our dreams.

– He sold the very few of his possessions. He resigned from his job, got his backpack, a digital camera, a compass and began his own odyssey.