Exploring the life of Indians

Exploring the life of Indians

Olga Valanos is a filmmaker and the creator of Generation Red Nation, a documentary focusing on the life of American Indians that earned her the Best Documentary award of the 9th Red Nation Film Festival.

Her father’s origins are from Ioannina and her mother’s from Kalabaka. Valanos started as a director of commercials for local television channels. However, her desire to tell the story of the real life of Indians urged her to take her next step.

Her documentary was widely endorsed for presenting the native tribes’ downfall as a result of irregular governmental measures and their current effort to recoup.

Since her early age, Olga Valanos had a passion for photography, a traditional family hobby at that time and at the age of 5, she had her first camera. She later studied photography at Maryland Institute College of Art and moved on to several personal exhibitions in Baltimore and Washington.


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    I am very interested in watching this documentary!