Greek – Australian partnership, through melodic paths

Greek – Australian partnership, through melodic paths

“Astyplaz” comes from Athens, but they became famous in the international market. They released their first album «Name Your Slippers», in Greece ,in July 2004. The title of the album was inspired by the German writer Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799), and contained 12 tracks. A year later, the album was released again by the Canadian LMusic, however the version included four songs which were not included in the version released in our country.

They have performed live alongside names such as: Faithless, SoftCell, DAF, Covenant, Melotron, Haujobb, Sigmatropic etc. They have also presented their work on stage in cities such as Montreal, New York, Toronto, Chicago etc.

Promoting their second album, entitled “Bi”, the band visited Canada and the U.S. in 2009 for a second time, spreading their sound to the wide range of pop electronica.

“Astyplaz” got the touch even from their very primary steps, just right after their formation back in 2001, because of the especial nature of their music: Simple but vivid and distinct synth-pop melodies, accompanied by a really rare voice. The voice is Dione, an Australian origin, who haphazardly traveled and settled down in our region and met the rest of “Astyplaz” in Athens.

From the very first work-samples of the group, it was clear that they were about to provoke our senses in the near future, in a most every positive way. Numerous participations in compilations, with songs like “Dream Within Dream”, “Lifting Shadows From The Sand”, “Spreading Life”, “Future Science” and countless live performances, either as a support group or in small Athenian clubs, created the right platform so as to spread the news around their name and their truly remarkable music, highlighting a major radio airplay, for their excellent song “Spreading Life”.