His “Children” are the Rolls & Bentley of the celebrities

His “Children” are the Rolls & Bentley of the celebrities

Can anyone imagine a car mechanic to earn from his craftwork so much money that would be envy by many others of a pretty high payrolls? This applies to the case of Charles Agapiou, who turned his love for cars and his knowledge in a gainful employment.

Born in Great Britain, the Greek Cypriot showed an early call on the engagement with the four wheels and when he was 19 years old, having finished engineering school and worked in an industry repairing trucks, accepts the invitation of his brother, to visit the USA. Charles Agapiou makes the trip and settles permanently in America, which makes him feel like home.

From Florida moves in California, where he works as a personal engineer of the English sports car racing driver, Ken Miles. During a racing season, he meets a legend of the track, the Carroll Shelby. He instructs Miles and Agapiou to make some improvements in the engine of the racing car. Agapiou’s knowledge impresses Selby, who takes him as his personal engineer.

When the fullness of time arrive for the American driver, Charlie Agapiou decides to open his own job, a car garage in Van Nais of California, while during the 80s he starts his own workshop in Hollywood, only for Rolls and Bentley. The job is going pretty well and the Greek Cypriot decides to expand his business to trading cars, while he is renting cars to Hollywood studios for film needs.

Today, Charlie Agapiou has the largest Rolls Royce – Bentley branch in the heart of West Hollywood, and his customers are the brightest names in showbiz and he manages to earn a few hundred thousand dollars from the sale of each car, which buys and repairs always by using genuine parts.

Source: http://hollywood.greekreporter.gr/