The first steps of the 25 year old designer in Paris

The first steps of the 25 year old designer in Paris

Antoine Antoniadis is a fashion designer and is mostly working in Paris. Inspired by the figures of the’50s and the sharp cuts capturing of a samurais’ armor, he designed the Samurai Collection. He is now the Creative Director at ENLITE.

Antoine Antoniadis was born in Paris in 1984. His father is from Greece and his mother from France.He gained a management and marketing qualification at the Royal Holloway College of London and then attended a fashion design course at the London School of Fashion.

When he was 17 years old, he opened the 1st retail shop in Greece with the name “For My People” selling graffiti sprays.

Antoine Antoniadis, after attending ESMOD fashion school for a couple of months, decided to make his own designs. With the help of Mrs. Mao who run Flou’s atelier, he dug out the addresses for the best suppliers that worked for Gaultier, Rick Owens or Hermes, he hired five model makers and as many apprentices and, as a final touch, Mrs. Martinez, who run a tailor’s workshop, introduced him to Marie-Anne Quinet, who worked closely for the Dior, Nina Ricci and Balenciaga’s collections and their eponymous designers for more than 20 years.
His very first fashion show took place at the Palaisde Tokyo in Paris in March 2010.

From October 2004 until November 2006, he worked as Artistic Director in TERA-MEDIA and in 2012 he worked in ELIE SAAB as creative consultant. Since 2012, he works as creative consultant at ZOLOTAS and as Creative Director at ENLITE. At ENLITE, he is responsible for all the creative direction of the brand, he designs new collections and supervises all artistic direction as well as leading the communication designs.

Antoine Antoniadis was awarded with the Merit Award Professional Logo in the 2011 HiiiBrand International Awards and was the Logotype finalist in the 2011 Greek Graphic Design Awards (EBGE) and in the 2012 Ermis Awards 2012.

In an interview he gave in the newspaper Kathimerini, Antonis Antoniadis, or Antoine Antoniadis like he is called in the City of Light, responds to a question, that he feels Greek in his heart and French in mind. From a French mother and a Greek father, the 25 year old man has had many different performances from a young age, as he was born in France, grew up in Greece and studied in London. The answer to the question what has been learned from two very different cultures, is pleasantly surprising:

«For many years, while living in Greece, I refused my French identity. From my father I got self-sacrifice and loyalty, taste and organization from my mother. Today I live in Paris and I think that here I feel much better with both of the sides of me than ever before «says characteristically.

Talking for his venture, to begin his career at a time of economic crisis? «I ignore it (economic crisis)! I want to ignore it! Negative thoughts do not help me at all» he says.