He coordinates the painting of the Eiffel tower

He coordinates the painting of the Eiffel tower

One year is completed in May, since the beginning of painting the Eiffel Tower. It is the 19th painting in a row in Tower’s history. The Greek company Stelma SA, which has its headquarters in Thessaloniki, won the competition in July 2008, so the honour of the «first touch» was for Greeks.

The competition was especially fierce because at the final stretch remained also six other companies, four French, one Italian and one German, and among the French was the company which had been responsible for the Tower’s painting the last thirty years.

In his statements, the president of SETE company that manages the tower, Jean Bernard Bruce, had stated inter alia that «the Greek file was well documented, together with the fact that it was more economical, and a major role played the fact that Stelma has been working for years in the shipyards of Saint-Nazer, and it is well known that they have an excellent cooperation with the French.

According to Dimitri Mamatzi, the painting of the Tower is estimated to last at least 20 months if the weather allows it , and the rain is the biggest obstacle. The workers were selected carefully, as beyond their responsibility they should be able to work at heights.

The tower is painted in three shades of «bronze», starting from the darkest to the first 56 meters from the base, with more open colours as we reach the top. In the past, the tower had been painted orange, yellow, brown and red.

The project cost is estimated at 4.5 million, excluding VAT. According to the estimations 250 000 square meters will be painted and there will be used 60 tons of paint, 1500 brushes, 1500  spatulas and 1000 Leather gloves. There will be need 50 km of safety ropes and 2 hectares of safety nets, for the workers.

Finally, as the Tower remains open throughout the work, the agreement provides that if the paint drip on clothes of visitors, then either the cost of laundry will be covered or compensation for new clothes will be given.