The national poet of Lebanon, with roots from Smyrna

The national poet of Lebanon, with roots from Smyrna

Born in 1925 in Beirut by a Greek mother from Smyrna and a Syrian father, with studies in philosophy at Sorbonne, Berkeley and Harvard, is now considered to be the greatest living poet of Lebanon, and experts describe her as a particularly significant presence in Western intellectual thought and in the intellectual community of her country.

Etel Adnan attempts for many years to approach the relations between East and West through poetry, painting and her reflection.

Vouvoula Skoura made a portrait of the poet in the film «Etel Adnan Words in Exile». The film, based both in correspondence with Professor Fawwaz Traboulsi-history teacher which has been made book titled “Letters to Fawwaz «- and excerpts from talks between the two creators in Paris and Skopelos between 2003 and 2006.

Drawing her origin by two different worlds, Adnan is trying to understand their differences and together with her strong humanitarian look-like it bounces from her writings, to compose them. With youthful passion and serenity of knowledge, Adnan is trying with «exile words» to penetrate the labyrinth of modern globalization and the difficulties that the acceptance of diversity hides. This is an acceptance, which is the key of precondition that there are no Exiled Words».