A leader of the Greek market

A leader of the Greek market

His career’s milestone was the year 1989, when he founded the COCO-MAT company, which produces household linen and furniture. Since then his professional development coincides with the company’s course. In a relatively short period since 1989, COCO-MAT has become a leader and the acute preacher of the sustainable development of the Greek market. The total quality system which is applied and the fine quality of its products have been recognized by prestigious organizations and institutions, both in Greece and abroad.

The establishment and administration of COCO-MAT gave to Pavlos Evmorfidis a chance to meet firsthand the problems of SMEs and to implement additional his views on sustainable development which he had often been asked to develop to a variety of organizations in Greece and abroad (Unesco, United Nations, Cambridge, Democritus University, Economics. University of Athens, WWF etc).

However, this is not his sole professional activity, as he has worked as a professor of Physical Education, either as a teacher of English in private schools or delivering tuition in England, France, Spain, and Holland.

At the end of schooling, which he began in Sparta and completed at the Greek Lyceum of Munich in 1976, he enrolled at the Gymnastics Academy of Physical Education, from which he graduated in 1980. Because the degree of Gymnastics Academy didn’t satisfy him, as he says, professionally and scientifically as well, he enrolled at the same year in the School of Economics of Athens, from which he graduated in 1985.

Along with his studies in the School of Economics, he attended on scholarship by the German State at the School of Journalism at the University of Cologne. During his studies, he worked as a reporter of the Daily Telegraph, while at the same time, he wrote the book «At ease with English».

Pavlos Evmorfidis speaks seven languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

He is married and he has four children. As he notes, his family is a source of inspiration and serenity. Field of sports remain of his interests, where he seeks relaxation whenever possible.


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