An 11 year old star is rising

An 11 year old star is rising

She is just 11 years old, but she claimed one of the major television awards in Australia, the Loggie in the category for best emerging talent.

We are referring to Anastasia Feneri, who was nominated for her role in the children’s series «My Place» presented on the ABC.

Speaking in the local newspaper «Illawarra Mercury», the student of the year 6 of the St. Therese Primary School in Wollongong, said that from small child, being just two years old, she had expressed her ambitions to become an actress, pointing at the TV and asking her mother: «Mom how can I get there?»

Anastasia began acting lessons at the age of  7 in the  local Drama School IPAC and finally after four hearings, she took the role of Sofia in the series «My Place». The series are about the story of a house in Sydney during a period of 130 years through the eyes of the children who lived there.
Anastasia said «it was a real pleasure and joy» to play part of Sophia, who lived as a 10-year old in the home in 1968. It is worth noting that the role was referring to a Greek child, who devised ways to distract her brother from his Australian girlfriend.

The 11 year-old is the daughter of Dimitris Feneris from Thessaloniki, a cameraman by profession, and Zacharoula Trikki-Feneri, who originates from the occupied Vatyli Cyprus. The family lives in Wollongong.

* The Loggie prize was named after the top Australian actor Graham Kennedy, who died some years ago


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  1. Just tonight I watched Anastasia playing the role of Nessarose in Wicked at the IPAC in Wollongong. She was excellent !!