Guides and teaches the secrets of Greek cuisine

Guides and teaches the secrets of Greek cuisine

The sales of her book, «Μy Greek Family Table» are great in Britain – as well as in Australia where she won the prize of the best book for “Mediterranean cuisine 2009” (2009-Best Mediterranean book in Australia).

The homogeneous Maria Benardis has therefore every reason to be perfectly happy, but without relying due to success – and hence she has already begun writing the second book, which has as a theme the islands of Chios and Psara. Her love mainly for  Psara, is recorded with particularly vivid colour  in «Μy Greek Family Table» as well, where the author carries flavours and intense moments of life on the island of the 420 inhabitants, where she lived until she became nine years old, before turning back to Sydney.

She can not hide that even today she is still missing the island and that one of the most difficult moments in her life was when the time came for her return to Australia. Note that initially she had resisted to the possibility to live in Greece…

Maria Benardis is the founder of the Greek Cooking School in Sydney, the «Greekalicious», which offers to the fans of Greek cooking but also to those wishing to discover the secrets of the opportunity to learn not only the traditional Greek recipes, but the modern cooking in Greece as well. This is an innovative idea, which is addressed to all lovers of Greek cuisine, while in the incentives so as to follow the courses, is the offering to the «students» to travel to Greece, and to learn through a multitude of culinary wanderings.

She will visit our country this year in September, for another tasting tour, during which she will accompany the Australians in Athens, Chios, Crete and the Peloponnese, so as to meet Greece, the beauty, history, and the magic of Greek cuisine, as she does every year.