The renowned director of homogeny, continues his work

The renowned director of homogeny, continues his work

A new film that will refer to the most important chapter of Australian history, abo;ut Anzac Day, is prepared by Peter Andrikidis after the successful comedy “The Kings of Mykonos”. The homogeneous director will grapple with the story of John Simpson, a soldier who became a legend, and served at Gallipoli as a paramedic. According to those who survived the massacre, it was difficult for the wounded to be transported by trucks in the mountains and hills, and Simpson, despite the orders of his superiors, used a donkey named Duffy to help him carry wounded soldiers back to safe place. Simpson arrived at Gallipoli on 25th of April in 1915. He was killed four weeks later by enemy machine guns, but the donkey stayed alive and still carried a wounded soldier to the beach without his boss at his side.
Peter Andrikidis graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School, with a degree in film directing in 1981. He joined the Crawford Productions, where he worked as a director in various dramatic productions. Very quickly he moved to ABC channel to direct the medical drama series GP, for which he received his first AFI.
This was followed by police drama Wildside, which the director regards as his greatest directorial achievement. Two of the episodes directed by Andrikidis won a total of eight AFI. His lush course does not stop here. Peter Andrikidis has also directed several television films that have won many awards in Australia and overseas. Some of these which singled are the real stories “My Husband-My Killer”, “Heroes” Mountain”, and the novel “Jessica” by Bruce Courtney.
In April 2006, the magazine Encore has included him in the list of the ten best Australian film directors, among Buzz Luhrmann, Gillian Armstrong, Phillip Noyce and Rolf de Heer . He directed also turn SBS, East West 101, a drama about the lives of Muslims in Australia after the 11th of September, starring Don Hany, William McInnes and Susie Porter.


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  1. Maria Braila

    Hello, I am a Greek actress for 30 years and I admire the director Peter Andrikidis. I would like to send him my CV. thank you very much!!!

    • Maria karmiri

      Dear Ms. Braila,

      Thank you very much for your message.
      Unfortunately, we do not have Mr. Andrikidis’ contact information.

      Kind regards,