A Pontian master in the art of car engineering

A Pontian master in the art of car engineering

At the early age of 7, Tassos Charalampidis relocated to Germany with his parents, where he has been living for the last 42 years, far from his homeland, having successfully built a business that would make everyone jealous.

His passion for cars, for Porsche in particular, led him to study automobile mechanical engineering, inspired by a short ride on his father’s new Opel Record 1900 cc in the middle of the 70’s, a very good car for those times. Driving on the Autobahn, Tasos Haralambidis noticed on the co-driver mirror a red car of aerodynamic design approaching and passing by his father’s car, who looked surprised, as he was driving at the speed of 150km. The Porsche passing by Tasos’s family car was destined to become his object of passion.

Later, Charalampidis studied automobile mechanical engineering in Düsseldorf and Berlin, gaining the pioneering expertise of car restoration, a largely unexplored knowledge field in Greece at that time. At the age of 16, high school student Tasos completed his practice at Porsche in Düsseldorf, where he later worked for several years. In 1995, he started his own car repair shop in Mettmann near Leverkusen, where he finally relocated in 2002 in his privately owned lot and his small yet profitable business.

Many of Tassos Charalampidis’s clients cross the Atlantic to place their cars in his trustful hands. Tasos makes a maximum of five restorations per year, though he could make triple this figure. Every restoration project often costs the price of €150,000, but as Tasos himself admits at ellines.com, “Money’s not my purpose. My purpose is to feel happy with my work, to go to bed at night knowing that I had done what I know to do well in the best possible way”.


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