The Greek fashion blogger who conquered the world of fashion 

The Greek fashion blogger who conquered the world of fashion 


Evangelia Smyrniotaki isthe new artistic director of Sergio Rossi, a company with a long history in the field of shoe fashion. the 2011starting year of the Greek director after she started her online magazine, collaborating with high end fashion brands. Of course, although her role was limited to the level of influencer, this did not stop her from presenting to fans and companies, her potential. As mentioned in a post by, already in 2014, “despite the fact that some fashion bloggers combine in their looks, high fashion with fast clothes, Style Heroine deals exclusively with high fashion. With companies such as Celine, Saint Laurent and Cloebeing in the basic choices, Evangelia Smyrniotaki lives the “dream” in content equal to professional fashion photography.


Smyrniotaki is the most internationally known Greek fashion insider and content creator. @Styleheroine heridentity on social media, which has about 500K followers and which she has been dealing with for the last 11 years, has managed to gain the trust of top houses and high-end fashion brands. Her special, atmospheric aesthetic approach to the way she communicates fashion has often been admired. Observing her Instagram profile, one will understand that we are talking about a woman who pays attention to every detail and manages to highlight every object she presents. 

Over the years, Evangelia has collaborated with leading fashion labels such as Chanel, Prada, Versace, Roger Vivier, Mytheresa and Bergdorf Goodman. In fact, last season, in collaboration with Marina Raphael, she created the evening bag “Evangelie” – from her name – which was a surprise among fashion insiders.



 In her new position, as artistic director of Sergio Rossi, Evangelia Smyrniotaki, will oversee the branding and consolidation processes of the house, which include advertising campaigns, content creation, styling and generally the creative part, giving herself direct report to Sergio Rossi CEO Riccardo Sciutto. Smyrniotaki, however, will not be a member of the basic design team of the brand, but will actively participate in collaborations and special capsule collections, which will be launched in the future. 

As she recently stated in an interview: “I am honored to join Sergio Rossi’s team at this time and I look forward to opening a new chapter for the brand.”

His enthusiasm was not hidden by the CEO of the brand, who stated in an interview that “I am happy for the arrival of Evangelia and I am convinced that her knowledge about the aesthetics of luxury shoes and new media, will be an important add to the dynamics of the company… Evangelia gathers all the data that the industry needs so much today ”.



The initiation into fashion for the Greek blogger, came through her dad since he was the one who had a great love for her and took her with him to the shops. On the other hand, when she was little, she planned a lot. He later studied marketing and management. “I wanted to find a way to enter the field and my studies helped me,” he said. Social media offered her access at the right time. “I invested a lot to have this image. When I started, I slept four hours a day. On the one hand I was working, on the other I had the blog, in which I was even involved with the templates, because I did everything myself. I said that if I do, I will do it with all my might. I did not rely on gifting to translate my vision. This has a cost – money and time, and when I started, I did “headless posts”. I wanted to communicate my love for fashion. He was not person-centered. “And that has been recognized,” she said in an interview. 




In recent years he has collaborated with various brands in the field of art direction. “The first person who believed in me and my aesthetics, in what I can give to a brand, was Virgil Abloh. In 2016 he suggested that I do consulting at Off-White. But then, I did not feel ready for such a thing, I did not feel that I could do it 100%. Sergio Rossi and I have been in contact since last year. Virgil would be proud of this development. “Unfortunately, we did not manage to cooperate.”

“Since I was little, I used to think my outfit starting from my shoes. The most important thing in a look is the shoes, they are the ones that set your mood and upgrade your style. When you wear a comfortable heel, your self-confidence is enhanced “.

“They rely on Sergio Rossi right there. They create heels and shoes that are beautiful, feminine and very comfortable. Many excellent craftsmen are working on it. “The house has always had respect for women – in fact 60% of the staff are women.”



To stand out in the deep ocean of digital media, you need to travel with a very strong package, which includes a lot of work, talent and luck. For Style Heroine, social media proved to be the right vehicle to convey her passion for fashion to a global audience. “I think I saw what I did professionally. I am a perfectionist. They were all professional productions. I wanted to be consistent in a correct, understandable way. It’s a job that communicates emotion. ” The success, of course, is connected with the existence of good collaborators, such as the photographer Haris Farsarakis, her closest collaborator. “Success is never one,” she said in a recent interview. 



She is currently splitting her time between Greece and Italy, and is not expected to return to her former, well-traveled lifestyle. “I had reached my limits. A health adventure followed and I do not think I will go back to the old days. I am grateful for everything I have experienced. “Travel for me is an experience and inspiration”, he emphasizes. To the question whether the meaning of luxury has changed in the age we live in, Evangelia answers “I believe that we have gone to the age of uniqueness, not of luxury. This is what the situation we experienced taught us. We were left alone, it was a bad time, many went to extremes. “Let’s say the award we received was that we discovered ourselves.”


When asked how she sees Greece in the field of fashion, Evangelia answered “I watch Greek things and I believe that some will do a great job. Greece is growing rapidly and will at some point put the glasses in the world of fashion “,

For the talented Greek woman diversity is necessary but also wonderful at the same time” I am interested in translating an abstract elegance, but at the same time to promote diversity. We all are different. We can not all be the same. And being different is wonderful “after all, this element was what made her stand out on a global scale.