The star of American football

The star of American football

When you dream of something you can do and they say, George Karlaftis from his adolescence dreamed of a great career in American football. Persistence, special skills and the Greek demon, gave the talented athlete of American football, 20-year-old George Karlaftis, a place in the “list” of the most promising US players. A decision in George’s adolescence would change his whole life.


A dramatic event, the loss of his father seven years ago, when he was just 13 years old, helped relocate the athlete with his American mother and three brothers to Indiana, USA. The already famous -today- football player, who suddenly left his father’s homeland, Greece, and from Psychiko moved to America, managed not only to carve his own path in uncharted waters but to stand out and sow enthusiasm. worldwide. 


Those who follow the developments in American football and support Karlaftis, admiring his technique, were very pleased to see him win a place in the National Football League Draft, which will be held from 28 to 30 April.


This period is important for Giorgos since the American football championship is being held and it is a decisive moment for his team. 

The Greek athlete started playing sports, looking – with inexhaustible energy – for the field that would win him over. It was not the track, as he initially thought.

Leaving the squares of Psychiko and the Greek school, he adapted to the reality of Indiana, the state from which his mother comes. “From a young age I wanted to stand out in sports. I wanted to become a successful athlete. “My first distinction was when I was 15 years old when I was separated from school,” said George recently.


Shortly afterwards, he began appearing in the sports media as a famous defender of American football for the Purdue Boilermakers. When asked what made him a successful athlete, the 20-year-old answers with the spontaneity of his age: “My height, my speed, my endurance”.


With a height of 1.93, George Karlaftis has the physical qualifications required to stand out in American football. After all, the analysts of the game, who place the young man in the most successful athletes of the genre, also focus on the big strides and his hands.

For his part, George considers that he was born to be involved in sports. “Ever since I was little I remember being interested in sports. I started playing American football at the age of 14. Sports are part of my family. “My Greek grandfather also loved sports very much, he played very good volleyball”, the young athlete explains, pointing out, in his own way, that sports were in the … DNA of his family.


His daily life starts early in the morning with exercise, good breakfast and with great mood and endurance. In total, he exercises more than 8 hours a day, from 07:30 to 17:00, and what he can say with certainty is that “there are no limits to endurance”.

The athlete, who is among the most important talents in America and is believed to compete in the American NFL championship, follows a special diet with large amounts of protein in his diet.


George or George as he is called in America does not forget the country of origin of his father who, as he says, he often visited until 2018, before the pandemic and the restrictions. He always remembers Greece with nostalgia and love, currently living in Texas, while his mother is involved in real estate and his father was a civil engineer by profession.


When you ask Giorgos Karlaftis about his next goal, the answer is simple and at the same time charming, especially because of the history of the 20-year-old … the participation in the NFL championship. The justification for the struggles and dreams of a child who started in Greece with a compass of the will.