The Greek President of Walt Disney World Resort

The Greek President of Walt Disney World Resort

George Kalogridis is a Greek businessman, who after 4 years as the President of Disneyland Resort in California was named President of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Kalogridis was born and raised in Central Florida. His grandparents were immigrants from the island of Kalymnos, Greece. He attended the University of Central Florida and earned a degree in Sociology.

While he was in college, Kalogridis first started working for Disney in 1971. Back then, he was waiter at Disney’s Resort in the first Walt Disney World and currently he’s one of the most influential company executives in Florida, with premises comprising 4 theme parks, 23 hotels and resorts, and employing over 66,000 people.

He has served in different theme parks positions of Disney around the globe.

As a President of Disney’s Resort in California, Kalogridis always managed to spend time outside his office, cleaning and sweeping, emptying garbage disposals, and even garbage recycling. He has always paid attention to detail and made his best to make his guests happy.


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  1. George Lysikatos

    Well done George Kalogridis. I’m proud to be a Kalymnian !!!
    Amazing how you build yourself up.


    Congratulations to a noble Greek…!!! From sunny Greece… We need Greeks like you…!!! Yassou Giorgo kai panta epityxies…!!! Na eisai panta dynatos kai min ksexnas tin Ellada… Bravo leventi mas…!!! Me agapi Dionysis Bloufas, M.Ed., (University of Oklahoma, U.S.A.) Greek Ministry of the Interior… Citizens” Service Center 0547, Palamas, Thessaly, Greece