Around the world in 1,177 days

Around the world in 1,177 days

Three years ago, journalist Akis Temberidis and choreographer Voula Netou began a road journey, aiming to explore as many places as possible. They managed to visit 66 countries, covering 167.000 kilometers  in 3,5 years.

It took them 1,177 days, 800 of which were spent on the road,  to drive around the world on their specially designed vehicle- called “Kariba”- and they began planning their new expedition immediately upon their return.

The Greek overlanders- a term used to refer to long distance road travellers- confess that they embarked upon a difficult mission. Apart from the journey itself, they had to deal with the issue of funding. They needed a lot of money and had to keep their jobs, by writing and sending pieces from wherever they could.

The worst moment of their journey was an accident they had on a US highway, when a driver crashed on them, rendering their car useless for three months. It looked as if their trip would have an abrupt ending, yet the driver’s insurance company covered not only the damages, but also their accommodation expenses for as long as they needed to stay in Huston.

During the journey, they  reached conclusions that were far from expected- for instance, they discovered that Iran is the county with the most hospitable inhabitants. When the current financial crisis began, the two travelers were on the other side of the world and their only access to information was through the web or by communicating with friends- who, on more than one occasions, urged them to stay abroad. The two travellers have uploaded details and photos of their trip on, and are already preparing for the next one.


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    Περασαν 10 χρονια !!!!Σαν χθες φιλοι μου ρουφουσα με ατελειωτη ευχαριστηση την διηγηση σας και τις ζωντανες παραστασεις σας. Να ειστε παντα καλα!!!!

  2. Sas thaumazo
    Einai auto Pou tha ithela, oso tipote Allo,na kano Kai ego.
    Sas sygxairo,Pou kanete to oneiro Sas pragmatikotita


    sas thamvazo yiati kanete to oniro sas pragmatikotita, mpravo sas. sas parakolouthousa sto proto taxidi kai xhes to vrady sas ida sto pame paketo (ston canada) kai xarika. mipos tha grafete opos kai ato proto taxidi leptomeries gia na diavazomen , yiati tote taxideva kai ego mazi sas diavazontas yia ta meri pou eseis vlepate , kai emeis noera taxidevame mazi sas. mporite na mou grapsete pio side an mporite.kai etsi tha vlepomen kai emeis ta meri pou xaireste kai thn koroula sas, na eiste panta kala ,kai sinexiste to oniro sas , o theos na einai panta mazi sas.