Greek opera inspired from spam e-mail

Greek opera inspired from spam e-mail

Periklis Liakakis has found inspiration where others only see unwanted messages: The Greek classical composer has made a musical parody of unsolicited e-mails. Currently staged at Vienna’s famous Schauspielhaus, his timely social opera “Spam” is variously described as an innovative production.

The show, featuring a group of gifted musicians and classical singers, was warmly received by Viennese audiences. According to international news agencies, the libreto of “Gain extra inches! The [SPAM] Opera” consists mostly of e-mails, chosen among the multitude of spam messages that appeared in Liakakis” Inbox within the last two years.

The composer, who teaches musical composition at Vienna’s Music University, admits that the idea for his third opera derived from the relation between spam and advertising, as well as the “awful” world of perpetual consumption and the hidden reality behind it.

Born in Athens in 1970, Periklis Liakakis studied musical theory and contrabass next to Greek National Opera musician Gianns Sereleas, and then went on to acquire a master’s degree from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

In 2004 he was awarded a sponsorship by the Austrian state, while in 2006 his second opera, titled “The story of pretty Magelone”, received an award at the International Opera Competition of  Graz.

Several of his compositions have been played at well-known halls in Austria and Germany, while in May 2007 one of his works, performed by the National Television Orchestra, marked the opening of the Greek Music Festival.

Since 2002 Periklis Liakakis teaches Advanced Theory and Introduction to Composition at the Music University’s Department of Composition and Electronic Music.