A key contributor to the development of the Greek startup ecosystem

A key contributor to the development of the Greek startup ecosystem

Yiannis Giokas is a senior technology executive and he is building products and resolving problems related to telecoms, cyber security, data analysis and blockchain. He was the Founder & CEO of Crypteia Networks, which was acquired by PCCW Global in October 2014.

He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has architected and managed products and solutions in the fields of cyber security, IoT security, mobility analytics, blockchain, image recognition, network optimization, chatbots, social commerce and fintech.



Crypteia Networks, founded in 2011, offers innovative solutions for secure communications, which it provides in the form of security-as-a-service. The company has created a Report and Notification Platform (MOREAL), which features Security Incident & Event Management features and solutions, can be cloud-based and can be used in any operating environment.

This platform associates and analyzes data on the client’s network, data on the global network, and aggregation of threats. In this way, it detects possible sophisticated threats.



As the issue of network security is one of the key issues to be solved by companies that manage data that have a value (from banks, telecommunications companies, retailers, etc), Crypteia Networks proved to have made a very good choice as to the market to which it was addressed.

From 2011 onwards, Crypteia Networks began to grow: it acquired customers from banks, supermarkets and online betting companies, even expanding beyond the borders: companies in Great Britain, Cyprus, Germany, and beyond Greece valued the company’s product and bought its services.



Crypteia Networks was a great success for the Greek startup ecosystem, as a multinational giant like PCCW Global opted not only to buy technology from a Greek company but also to place its Research & Development Center in Athens, employing more than 50 people.



PCCW Global (Pacific Century CyberWorks) is the Hong Kong Telekom (HKT) arm. Both companies belong to PCCW Limited, a multi-purpose group active in telecoms, IT, media and real estate.

Founder of Crypteia Networks, Yiannis Giokas continues to coordinate her development from New York, working with teams in Europe, Israel and Hong Kong, serving as Vice President of Research and Development for PCCW Global.



Few months ago, the Verge.Capital team, another startup company co-founded by Yiannis Giokas, won the 2018 Disrupt Greece Award. The company’s goal is to repeat the success of Crypteia Networks and Verge.Capital to become a benchmark for the European fintech scene.

The company offers consumers the opportunity to acquire their own credit score based on their personalized financial data, thus aiming to change their rating from credit institutions anywhere in Europe. At the same time, it allows banks to grow their markets both inside and outside borders.