«Greek cuisine is representative of the quality of Greek tourism»

«Greek cuisine is representative of the quality of Greek tourism»

A century ago, a widow and her little girl traveled from central France and settled in Greece. The little girl grew up and married a Greek man called Xiradakis. From their love was born a son, who came to settle in Toulouse and who later himself got a son. So in 1945, the police officer deposits a birth certificate to the registries of Blaye, for a child named Jean Pierre Xiradakis. All this to say that if Jean Pierre Xiradakis was obsessed with wine and good food throughout his life, it is probably because of his roots.

Apart from this main passion, Jean Pierre Xiradakis went to different places to learn the art of cuisine. In Spain early in 1966, he sits in classes and takes lessons in famous restaurants.

Then in 1967, in the Basque Country, he discovers the local products and cuisine while working on a farm hotel. Returning to France he settled down and opened his own restaurant, LA TUPINA, which in the Basque language stands for cauldron.