“Greece shall recover soon”

“Greece shall recover soon”

Singer Elisabeth Kontomanou –also known as Elizabeta– has released 7 albums as a leader and has performed next to various significant musicians. She first gained recognition in 1999 with the album Embrace and currently with her latest Brewin’ the Blues.

Born in France to a Greek mother and a Guinean father, Elisabeth considers herself to be a Citizen of the World. Spending her life between New York and Stockholm, she first visited Greece in 2011.

In an interview with ellines.com, Elisabeth Kontomanou points out her reaction when at the age of three she first heard Maria Kallas singing. “So young yet so shocked”, she adds. Reflecting on the financial crisis in Greece, she states that “Greeks have to fight for the best and I hope that the country will soon recover. That’s the right thing to do. People have to go on with their lives”.