The Greek who made smartphones smarter

The Greek who made smartphones smarter

Matthew Staikos is president at Staikos Investments, CEO at Vleepo and a Board Member and Advisor at Triggerfox.

He was born in 1980 and was raised in Canada. He graduated from the Mechanical and Computer Engineering School of the University of Toronto. In 2003, still as an undergraduate, he founded the Toronto based Torch Mobile with his brother, with subsidiaries in Beijing.

Six years later, Torch Mobile was bought out by the legendary Blackberry’s manufacturing company Research In Motion (RIM). With his hard work, Mattheus Staikos successfully climbed up to upper management status and he’s currently the Manager of the Browser & Web Platform group at RIM, with challenging duties varying from WebKit-based browser software’s development to embedded web technologies’ design for BlackBerry devices. His challenge was to develop Blackberry 10, designed to supply the brand’s mobile phones with an operating system during the first trimester of 2013.





Given the chance, Matthew makes an effort to keep in close touch with his Greek origins. Although he didn’t graduate a Greek school, he wished to study the Greek language. That’s the reason why he paid a year-long visit to Greece before residing permanently in Canada. The Greek language plays a major part in Matthew’s life and in his spare time he enjoys reading Greek books, listening to Greek music and watching Greek television shows.

In 2014 he left Blackberry, and his brother followed him a few months later.

Matthew Staikos joined in 2015 the Triggerfox Board of Directors and will be acting in an advisory role as head of corporate strategy. Triggerfox is a relationship intelligence platform that helps professionals build and maintain meaningful relationships. Triggerfox seamlessly aggregates all contacts information from various sources including professional and social networks, phone, calendar, and email into a unified address book, focusing on the people that are most important to you. The platform monitors social channels, news, and other data sources to provide powerful insights and updates about your contacts.



The 37-year-old Greek entrepreneur was found fatally wounded on 28-5-18, at Bay St. and Yorkville Ave, in Toronto. He was an exceptional person and a successful Canadian citizen who made his homeland proud with his limitless love for her and his big achievements in Canada.


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  1. Voula Politis

    RIP Matt ! We are devastated by the news of your passing! So young and with such a promising future, the world was at your feet!! You will always Live in our hearts! Our deepest condolences to your family!

  2. Ann-Louise Winter

    I was very saddened to hear of Matt’s sudden passing. He was an interesting, intelligent man who put a lot into developing the BlackBerry 10 browser. He also was connected to car development I understand, while with BlackBerry. My condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Rahul Kundra

    RIP to such a hardworking & an intelligent person , condolences to family and friends . World will follow your footsteps always

  4. The world is at a great loss without you, Matt. RIP . Your spirit and passion will forever be with us. My sincere condolences to your family and loved ones.

  5. This is unacceptable , unfair and devastating ..such a beautiful person with such wonderful qualities and integrity, a great contribution to this world, to Canada, during these turbulent times, to be taken away so violently by pure evil. This is heartbreaking. My sincerest condolences to the family and his girlfriend and all his friends and anyone who was lucky enough to know him. I hope that the police and the justice system get this right. And swiftly.

  6. Cindy Brando

    I went to public school with matt..always did computer stuff with his science projects..very very smart back then..very sad to have came across this recently made my heart in peace matt.