I feel Greek and always introduce myself with my Greek identity

I feel Greek and always introduce myself with my Greek identity

Constance Stamatiou  is the first Greek lead dancer of the high level dancing Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Group in New York. She continues dancing as a freelance dancer.

Her father’s origins are from Evia and she herself was born in North Carolina. “The Greek factor has developed part of my personality and it’s also reflected on my dancing technique.”

Stamatiou studied dancing at Pat Hall’s Dance Unlimited and at the North Carolina Dance Theatre. In 2002, she graduated Northwest School of the Arts and studied at the SUNY Purchase College, before joining Ailey School. She became member of Alvin II and joined the group in 2005. Since then, she has been living her big dream dancing all over the world. She has even earned the Leonore Annemberg Scholarship awarding charismatic dancers.

In 2008, she performed in two shows in Athens, experiencing unforgettable moments in her entire career. “I took a moment to turn my eyes towards the Parthenon, knowing that I was before Heaven, so beautiful and peaceful.”

In 2012, she appeared in a show honouring the memory of Judith Jamison in the White House of the United States. Constance Stamatiou loves Crete, Santorini and Mykonos.