Greeks put a little sugar in Washington’s bowl

Greeks put a little sugar in Washington’s bowl

Catherine and Sophie learned baking from their grandmother, who relocated from the Greek village of Proti at Serres to the United States to live next to her children. Over the years, her granddaughters’ friends never stopped savouring her baked delicacies, inspiring Catherine and Sophie to share their grandmother’s secret recipes with the rest of the world.

In 2008, sisters Kallinis opened a patisserie shop in the Georgetown neighbourhood of Washington, D.C. that was destined to become one of the most popular cupcakeries in the United States. Currently, sisters Kallinis host the internationally broadcasted television show DC Cupcakes on TLC Channel and have grown their business with a second branch location in Bethesda, selling a daily average of 10,000 cupcakes online.

Catherine and Sophie Kallinis are not the typical housewives. Sophie has studied biology at Princeton University and has worked with Gucci in Toronto, while her sister Catherine has studied political science at the University of Virginia and has worked for Highland Capital. However, during family vacation, they never stopped reflecting on their childhood dream to open a confectionery and keep their grandmother’s tradition alive. Both have successfully fulfilled their dream in such a profitable way that they managed to persuade Sophie’s husband to quit his career as a political observer and be the Chairman of Financial Board of Directors in their family business. Currently, baking and pastry books authored and signed by sisters Kallinis sell by dozens and their TV show has high viewing rates.