A woman gathers recipes from Mount Athos

A woman gathers recipes from Mount Athos

As a journalist working for the german radio, Marianti Milona faced the challenge of being the first woman to write a book about Mount Athos. It took her five years to explore the secrets of the aghioritic cuisine. Her book “Recipes from Virgin Mary’s garden”, published by Potamos editions, constitutes an interesting tour of the Aghion Oros monasteries and includes information about the history, the daily life and the diet of monks- all seen through the eyes of a woman, despite the fact that female visitors are not allowed within the Athonian Republic.

Her new book was first written in German- now her native language. Apart from recipes, it includes facts about architecture, sculpture and wall paintings found in the monasteries, but also useful information for pilgrims. Of special interest are the accounts written by travelers of the 18th and 19th centuries and monks, who lived on Mount Athos at that time, as well as the accompanying photographic material.

Every chapter about the 20 monasteries of Agion Oros and St. John’s chapel includes four traditional recipes, recorded by visitors, who had the chance to glimpse into the monasteries” kitchens.